5 Inspirations For a Viral Marketing Campaign

How many of you remember the “Share a Coke” campaign created by Coca-Cola, one of the most popular beverage companies in the whole world? This has to be one of the most classic and groundbreaking examples of a viral marketing campaign that made waves all across the globe. Fans were extremely excited and eager to […]

How To Write A Video Ad That People Will Watch

A good video ad is one that you will want to watch, even when you’ve got the option to skip it. For instance, how many times do you watch a video ad on YouTube till the end when you’ve got the ‘skip ad’ option? We’re pretty sure the answer is not very often. Only a […]

Video Production Is The Millennial Way Of Marketing

canon camera on desk

If you’re like me and you spend most of your time online, you will know that the Internet, or more specifically social media, has a ton of promotional, informational, or even funny videos of pets doing funny things. We live in a world where people are more attracted to videos than text when they visit […]

5 Reasons You Need Corporate Video Production

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Have you ever visited a website that was unclear on their services? Many have. This is due to lack of content or lack of explanation of their services. Videos, unlike pictures, can create a life for your services and/or product. These videos can bring real value to your business by: Teaching the customer. New client […]