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How to Create Your Business Manager on Facebook and Share Access to an Agency?

Many businesses, both large and small, have finally cottoned on to the
fact that not using Facebook’s Business Manager pretty much means
leaving money on the table because of missed opportunities.

While tools such as Business Manager are often met with a shrug and a
groan, probably because it sounds and looks complicated at first sight,
the truth is, your business needs Business Manager if you want to
improve the efficacy of your brand’s marketing.

This is going to be your guide on how you can create a solid Facebook
Business Manager account and share access with an agency.

What is Facebook’s Business Manager?

But first, let us answer that burning question, “What does Facebook
Business Manager do, anyway?”

Well, Business Manager enables users to manage all their marketing
efforts from a single dashboard and then share access to those assets
with other team members, vendors and even partner agencies. Business
Manager has been created to run three basic functions:

  • The creation and management of multiple assets — This includes
    your Facebook page, audience list, product catalog, and Instagram
  • Granting user permissions and access — Since you will be your
    Business Manager, you will create and control access permissions for
    your team, which will keep track of whoever has access to your Ad
    accounts or pages, including the apps. This gives you complete
    control over your entire asset lineup.
  • Ad tracking — This allows you to track the ads you run on
    Facebook and Instagram. Here you will get easy access to detailed
    overviews and reports on key ad metrics such as the number of
    impressions and your ad spending.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us get to why you are
here. Creating your Facebook Business Manager page:

Step 1: Setup Your Business Manager Account

To get started, you will have to log on to to set up your account. Click on the
‘create account’ button that appears on the page, and you will be sent
to Facebook’s official log-in page, where you can log in just as you
normally do.

Step 2: Create Your Profile

Now, type in the name of your business. This will be the name that will
appear on your business account and click ‘Continue.’ Next, you will be
asked to create a business profile by simply signing in with your name
as well as your email address and click ‘Finish.’ Easy peasy!

This should launch you straight to the Business Manager app, which is
basically your dashboard of controls from where you will view analytics,
set perimeters and work on your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Step 3: Claim Your Facebook Business Page

Once you are in, the first prompt you will receive will be to claim your
Facebook Business page if you have not already. For that, go to Business
Settings from the navigation bar. The Business page and ad account setup
will be visible to you on the dashboard.

Step 4: Add New Accounts

You will be prompted to add new accounts, create new ad accounts or
request access to other ad accounts. The ‘Manage Settings’ menu gives
you complete control over your Business Manager page.

Step 5: Create Your Ad Account

Assuming you do not have one already, this is where you will create your
Facebook Ad account, which will be under the Business Manager Settings.
All you must do is click on ‘Create Ad Account.’ For this, you will have
to include your information such as the ad account name, the business
manager profile you want to connect to, preferred time zones and
currency. Click ‘Create Ad Account.’

Step 6: Add People to the Account

After you have filled in the required details, you will be asked to add
any people you want to the new ad account. This option also allows you
to select default roles for each of the people you add. This is great
for setting access levels and making sure those who are added get access
to the information they need and nothing more. This section can be
edited later, so there is no need to panic if you have made a mistake.

Step 7: Setup Method of Payment

Before you can start earning, you will have to set the payment method on
Facebook Business Manager. You can click and edit the payment method
details according to your personal preferences.

Step 8: Granting Access to an Agency

It is possible that you are going to need the help of an agency that can
make sure your Ads are on point while you are away. Granting access to
an agency has been made extremely easy on Facebook Business Manager. But
you can only grant access to those who already have a Facebook account.
The following is a quick breakdown of the process:

  • Go to Business settings.
  • Click on ‘Partners’ just below Users.
  • Click ‘+ Add.’
  • Select ‘Give a partner access to your assets.’
  • Enter the Partner business ID and click on ‘Next.’

Now all you will have to do is add in partners to assets as you deem
fit. Choose the type of asset under the first column and use the second
column to select the assets that you want to add to your partner to.
There is a third column where you will assign a specific role for said
partner. You can repeat these steps for as many partners as you want to
add to your Facebook Business Manager account.

Ending Note

Facebook Business Manager is a great asset to have for any business
mainly because more advertisers now know about it and use it. This also
prevents the need for gray social media accounts, such as having to use
your personal Facebook Profile for business purposes (a big no-no).

A great reason to get started on creating your Facebook Business Manager
today is that you will get better support from Facebook. If you already
have a Facebook Business page and an ad account, then importing them to
Facebook Business Manager is going to be extremely easy.

Another reason why companies ought to use Business Manager is that it is
free. That’s right! You’re getting enterprise-level tools at your
fingertips absolutely free. What more could you possibly ask for?

If you want to try something new and an easier way to connect all of these accounts, check this out!