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Are Gmail Ads the Future of Marketing?

If you think email marketing is extinct, get ready to change your mind. According to an article by the Washington Post, all those holding white-collar jobs spend an average of 4.5 hours per day browsing through their work emails. That totals up to 20.5 hours per week, making it safe to say that email marketing is still a very viable and profitable digital marketing practice, and so are Gmail Ads.

Here, we talk about the scope of Gmail Ads in digital marketing.

About Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are interactive advertisements that show up on the social and promotional tabs in your inbox. The ads appear as small excerpts that expand when you click on them. They either open up as an email would, offering insight into the company’s promotional offer, or they redirect you to the company’s website.

These ads can include images, embedded forms, or even videos to target and attract potential customers. You can have viewers interact with your website in multiple ways. They can watch a video, click on visit the website, fill out forms, and subscribe to newsletters for offer. Mobile users can even download applications or visit market places to make [email protected] ### Benefits of Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads offer various benefits that traditional email marketing does not. They are not only more engaging but also quantifiable. You can track the buyer journey and ensure you pay for what you get alone.

  • Clicks and Interaction – Standalone Gmail Ads follow the pay per click model. You are only charged when a user clicks on your ad, and you can view or track where your clicks are going. There is a special click-to-website column that allows you to track the number of conversions brought by Gmail Ads. Similarly, you can also track ad interaction via the engagement column.
  • Mobile-friendly– Gmail Ads are designed to look good at all times. They show up in a mobile-friendly format when viewed on the mobile app and switch to a desktop version when viewed on computer screens. The adaptability of Gmail Ads makes it functional as the majority of Gmail users view their mail on mobile phones.
  • Access to over 8 billion active Gmail users – because email marketing is just the tip of the iceberg in your marketing funnel, Gmail Ads can help you increase traffic down the funnel. Ads are displayed at the top of Gmail’s inbox for increased visibility.
  • Customer Targeting – With Gmail Ads, you can take advantage of your competitor’s domains to target potential customers. It is the safest and fastest way to ensure you are reaching the desired audience that can bring in quality leads and higher conversion rates.


The Ad consists of a thumbnail, a headline, and a short description to attract customers. The advertisement is expandable, and the job of the description, headline, and thumbnail is to make sure people read what you have to say.

The creation of a Gmail Ad is simple, but its benefits are many. You can create multiple campaigns and run them across various platforms for better results. But Gmail Ads might very well be the solution to your email marketing woes.

You no longer have to worry about your mails going to spam. In fact, you can even track the efficacy of your marketing campaign, which is why we say that the scope of Gmail Ads in digital marketing is truly great.