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Best Practices For Display Ads

Display ads are considered to be one of the most efficient advertising tools used by businesses today. Because of their effectiveness, display ads are a common part of any marketing strategy. But, only when done the right way. With display ad best practices continuing to evolve, it’s smart to keep your finger on the pulse on the latest display ads strategies that work. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the most effective best practices for display ads that you can use for increased ROI.


Each of your display ads needs to have the same look and feel. This is crucial so that even when you use different ads, the consumer is able to connect the new ad with the previous one instantly, and more importantly, associate the new ad with your brand. This is an important factor to consider, especially when it comes to using display ads since customers tend to show more trust towards brands that are perceived to be consistent and reliable.


As with any form of marketing, you need your display ads to be relevant, and more importantly, targeted. Since users are more likely to click on ads that seem relevant and useful to them, you need to take extra effort to make your ads tempting enough for users to click on. For this, you first need to understand who your target audience is and what their pain points are. This will help you market the products or services you offer that can solve their problems.

Make Your Display Ad Stand Out

Consumers are exposed to display ads now more than ever. With many companies competing for the market share, more and more display ads are being used by brands. So, what makes your brand so special? To stand out from the crowd, you will need to make sure your ads not only ensure a reliable solution that customers can count on but also need to be aesthetically pleasing.

Your display ads need to have clearly defined borders along with eye-catching images and colors that will capture the eye of visitors and will encourage them to click on your ad.

Use High-Quality Imagery

More often than not, marketers make the mistake of not using high-quality imagery for their display ads because these ads are often small in size. Just because the size of the ad is small does not mean that you should skimp on the image quality. It is best to use the highest quality images for your display ad, whether its illustrations or photography, along with an appropriate typeface that will make sure the imagery and content are crystal clear to the visitors.

While it is recommended to export the highest quality imagery, you should make sure the file size stays under the recommended 150kb file size for Google Ads.

Keep Testing

To make sure you get the most ROI from your display ads, it’s best to keep on testing your ad copy, CTA, and images to find new ways to improve the performance of your display ads.