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5 Brand Development Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2019

There is hardly a generally approved manual guide on how you should develop your brand. This does not mean that anything goes. This is similar to the kind of food you eat. You are expected to eat a balanced diet; nobody will however tell you the exact food items to combine. While interacting with a member of staff of a Magento ecommerce agency based in Washington, I was able to learn a thing or two. In her opinion, building a distinctive brand entails doing things different (not necessarily better) while avoiding the current mistakes most brands make. It is no doubt there has been a significant level of ecommerce development over the last ten years or more. As a result, there are more ecommerce startups than there has ever been. These up and coming businesses want to create an identity for themselves that will help them stand out from the crowd in their own way. The truth is that, things don\\’t always work out the way you expect it.

As an up and coming business owner, you are likely to fall along the way especially when you are not well guided. The process of developing your brand or creating your identity is a complex one. It will take a special and dedicated piece of write-up to educate you on how to develop your brand. With these 5 brand development mistakes you must avoid in 2019 however, you should be able to discern if you are still in line or not.

Defining your brand too narrowly and based on what you are currently doing

This could pose a serious problem if you see the need to expand and diversify. When developing a brand, you should ask yourself if the idea (brand) you are trying is tied to just one niche or if it applies to more than one. A brand is not just about getting a graphic designer to get a logo and a graphic for you. When developing your brand, ensure that your mission is about providing quality service without necessarily specifying the particular niche. If you have to, let your mission and vision be one that will be applicable when the need for diversification arises.

Not living up to your promises

A brand is an entity that oozes value which people would appreciate and want to be part of. Why would people want to associate with you when you do not always do what you say? Why will I patronize a mobile phone store that promised me a one year warranty but will shot me off when I came back in six months’ time because the phone I bought developed a fault? As a brand, always ensure that you always keep to your end of the bargain. My next point will help you on how to go about it.

Trying to do everything everyone is doing

The best of brands are not actually those doing things better but brands doing things differently while avoiding the mistakes other brands are making. One mistake most brands including your brand is liable to making is the mistake of wanting to do everything. This will only either make you end up struggling or come up short in the long run. You must not necessarily offer the same value added service or post sale service to bring in more customers. One reason why you are probably doing this is explained better below.

Though it is true that it is good to have an existing brand to model after, it does not mean that such a brand must serve as a blueprint for your own brand. There is hardly a brand that all of its activities are put out for all to see. It is only the information they choose to release that you will have access to. Considering this, it will be detrimental to model your brand after a brand you do not have absolute idea of how they work. Even if you have idea of how they operate, what works for that brand may not work for your brand?

Always in a hurry to push their brands

It is not like I said you should wait till you are twenty years into operation before you start pushing or selling your brand to the populace. My point is that, you should prioritize brand development over marketing. You should instead try to your customers and ensure that they see your brand as an expression and an extension of themselves. Your brand is not really considered a brand in my opinion till your customers see need to associate with you. How do you market what is not marketable?

Like a said earlier, building a brand is not a mathematical equation that can be solved using a particular formula. However, uniqueness and creativity is key if you want to go far.