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How To Create Unique And Engaging Social Content

What does every marketer worry about? Breaking the clutter. There is a plethora of information on the internet on any and every topic imaginable. In fact, there is more information on there than what the entirety of humankind combined knows what to do with. On every search, pages upon pages of relevant search results come up, but they are all more of the same.

So what can you do to make sure that your website stands out? That your content attracts people? That your posts get more traffic, more engagement, more attention?

How do you make sure that readers take an interest in your content, as opposed to your competitors? How do you ensure that your content not only engages people but also encourages them to take action and buy your products or services, sign up for your newsletter, or anything else that you wish them to do through your content?

You create engaging content.

However, creating great, engaging content is no small feat. All brands strive to do so and dedicate a significant part of their resources to work on that. Many are just realizing the importance of great content and are including that in their marketing strategies going forward.

If you want to break free of the clutter and create unique and engaging social content that shines through, here are a few tips that you can refer to.

Grab Attention – Use a Catchy Title

What’s the first thing that attracts you to an article or a piece of content? Of course, the title! In a sea of search results, your unique and eye-catching title is the only thing that will grab the attention of a reader skimming through the search results. If your title does not reflect the uniqueness of your article, and if it is just another run-of-the-mill title, then the reader will pass over your content as it did not make any impact on them.

Use Appropriate Writing Styles

Not all writing styles are suited to all topics and themes. You must always adjust your style, language, and tone according to the target market you’re catering to. While you can adopt a chic, modern tone with your millennial users, you can’t do the same if the target market is retired people of a completely different demographic.

Use Keywords Smartly

While your creativity and writing skills matter greatly, if the correct keywords are not chosen and placed, then your content will not even appear to viewers. What articles do you usually click on? The ones that appear on the first page of Google searches, right? The pages that rank highest and appear at the top are the ones who are utilizing the best SEO practices, so don’t forget to inject relevant keywords in there.

Format the Content

A never-ending stream of text never appealed to anybody. People on the internet are usually looking for a quick read and to find what they are searching for conveniently. Poorly formatted text, no matter how well-written, can drive anybody away. Make sure the text is perfectly edited, paragraphed, and referenced. If the text looks easier to read, more people will read it.

Complement Your Writing with Aesthetics

Even the most powerful of texts does not look appealing enough without any colors on the page. Engaging content does not only mean text, but also visual aesthetics that add to the appearance of the content. Infographics, images, GIFS, short videos, and other things can add the oomph that your content needs.

Have a Call to Action

You might think that your call to action does not do much for you, but the way you ask your readers to take action matters a lot. Not only does it provide a solid ending for your content, but it also seals the deal with your readers.

Incorporate the following tips into your writing and see how the results change. Creating unique and engaging social content may very well be a talent that some are born with, but it can just as easily be taught and learned in no time if you are dedicated enough. Keep at it till you get the hang of it. Always remember that you have to stay consistent with your content strategies and always welcome creativity into your writing!