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How To Write Kick Ass Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces in the world. It receives a vast amount of traffic every single day, and it also generates mind-blowing sales records.

Naturally, eCommerce sellers want to benefit from that; however, selling on Amazon is really difficult because of the existing competition, which is now greater than ever. Bringing your products to the eyes of your target audience and customers is one thing, but you also need to bring in the sales to get ahead of the competition.

Among the many factors that help make your product successful, there is one that is often largely overlooked, and it is none other than ‘product descriptions.’

You need to write catchy and compelling descriptions for your products that engage your customers in conversation and help you sell your product to them.

Writing exclusive descriptions for so many products is surely a challenging task, but if you don’t do so, that’s almost like missing out on extra sales and risking the sale of your products.

Writing Kickass Amazon Product Descriptions

There’s no rocket science behind writing unique and attractive product descriptions; however, you do need to adopt a certain approach to help you write descriptions that sell.

Here are a few tips on how to write kickass amazon product descriptions that will make your product sell in the market.

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step is to know and find out who your customers are. You need to have a clear idea of your target audience so that your product descriptions are according to their age, gender, etc.

You want your products to speak to them, so it makes sense to know everything about your customer, from their age, habits, and likes to their education, income, and location.

For example, if you are selling nightwear for kids on Amazon, you need to create creative descriptions about the quality of your products, its features, reasons why people should buy it for their kids, etc. Think about how you would converse with your customers face to face and sell it to them while writing the descriptions for your [email protected] ## Benefits and Features of Your Product

The main question to be answered in your product description is: what’s in it for your customers?@ You need to tell your customers how exactly your product will help them, for which you must list down its main features and benefits.

For example, let’s say that the product you are selling is a hair product for dry hair for men. Your target market is obviously men, but particularly those who suffer from dry hair problems.

How do you sell it to them?

Well, the key here will be to write a product description that answers all their questions regarding the product and also convinces them that it will effectively treat dry hair just after a few uses.

Be Imaginative and Tell A Story

Storytelling is considered to be one of the pillars of marketing, as most people love reading stories and creative content. If you incorporate it well into your product descriptions, it can actually help sell your products.

Telling a story doesn’t mean that you need to write a full-fledged essay on the benefits of your product. It simply requires you to be imaginative and describe the product in a way that makes the reader imagine buying the product, using it, and being satisfied with it.

Talk to your customers in the story and tell them how your product will help them. ## Write Brief Yet Engaging Titles

When you read a piece of content on the internet, before you jump to the main body, the first thing that catches your attention is the title.

The same happens with product descriptions on Amazon. Your customers will move to the main content if the title fascinates them; however, that doesn’t mean you must write fancy and long titles to get their attention.

Amazon rejects filler words in titles, so try to include your main keywords in it, but also avoid keyword stuffing. Make the titles short, catchy and relevant.

SEO Optimization

Writing kickass amazon product descriptions isn’t just about painting a picture, telling a story, and creating engaging titles. You want to make sure that your product description is SEO optimized by doing detailed keyword research.

Try to incorporate the keywords in the descriptions as naturally as possible, especially in the title and bullet points, if any. Also, find out what keywords your competitors are using as this will help you make create SEO optimized product descriptions.

Writing effective amazon product descriptions is surely a time-consuming process, but note that it’s worth all your time and effort.