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Marketing in the Post-Coronavirus Reality

As we all adapt to the impact COVID-19 is causing, the Savage Global Marketing team is working to bring you the latest marketing insight to keep you informed and keep your business strong.

SGM is operating at full capacity to address our client’s changing needs …

We’re monitoring and revising messaging for our company and our clients – strategizing to help you capture as much market share as possible in the post-coronavirus world we now live in.

Got Questions? Reach out– The Savage team is ready to work with you to strategize your next move and create Relevant, Timely and Effective messaging to keep your business

out front and on point.

Should I still be marketing my business?

In times like this, Marketing is your strongest asset. Don’t Pull Back! This is the time to Double Down. We turned to Neil Patel for marketing guidance, and here’s his take…

“Don’t be fearful when others are also afraid.This is the time to Double Down.”

As we find ourselves in the midst of a truly unprecedented situation, it’s easy to think that the rules of building a successful business have suddenly changed.

Regardless of how much things change in the new post-coronavirus economy, what you do in the next day, week, and months ahead determines how your business survives and thrives.

The Impact of COVID-19 requires brands to re-calibrate business plans, modify marketing messaging, and reconsider go-to-market strategies – at least temporarily. Brands may need new positioning in response to COVID-19 as consumer psychology shifts into an extreme form of cocooning.

Although uncertainty is the new reality, keeping your customer at the center of your business strategy is more important than ever. Marketers have an opportunity to give consumers a reason to spend— deals, products, services — even when we are bunkered up and hunkered down. @ The public is consuming an overwhelming amount of information right now. So far, we know there are 30% more visits to digital news sites Since January 12.

Consumers are scrolling their news feeds much more than usual.

Digital is the clear winner here, and companies need to respond purposefully and boldly in their social marketing, content marketing, SEO and influencer-led campaigns.

One key learning in China was that Time spent online shot up as people stayed in. Social networking continued to be people’s favorite activity, but there were also surges in – Mobile gaming – up 44%

  • Watching short Videos & News – up 14%
  • Streaming services – up 31%

Some companies are getting stuck in inaction. Your competitors may be taking a wait and see approach.

You literally have less competition for your target customer’s attention, at a time when your customers are spending more time online – reading news, sharing on social media, watching videos and shopping.

What to Do NOW

It’s critical to **communicate with your customers.**Update your website and your email list and put your Social Networking to work.

  • Keep your customers informed. Make sure they’re aware of any changes in your day- to-day operations or modified business hours.
  • Reassure your customers. Let your customers know about the protective measures you’ve implemented and how customers are protected when they visit your business.
  • Stay engaged with your social following. As more people stay indoors, Social networking continues to be people’s favorite activity, so update your social media channels to keep the lines of communication going.
  • Run a promotion or a special offer. This helps bring in revenue now, and drives future business when we return to some semblance of normalcy. Yes – Shopping Therapy!
  • Utilize Facebook ads to drive and influence your customers/prospects to purchase while at home
  • Sharpen your Social Media Presence by creating videos and engaging content
  • Host Virtual Events/Webinars to educate or inform
  • Work on your branding to stand out from the competition
  • Create a Covid-19 Advisory Notice for your website. Create a landing page with a statement on the Covid-19 situation. Let your customers know you’re Open for Business and how your company or organization is responding.

This is a GREAT time to build your Authority & Reputation Communicate the right marketing message with the right call for action.

New questions are sure to continue to arise, and we will do our best to help. We’ll continue to monitor and respond to this situation as it evolves, and we will be here for you when you need us. We wish you and your loved ones well, and we thank you for your friendship and your business.

One thing’s for sure… COVID-19 is our reality now, and will be for a while.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we’re with you all the [email protected] Stay Tuned!