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4 Defaults In Google Ads That Lower Your ROI 

Google Ads is advertised as the ultimate solution for big and small businesses. Google promises that Google Ads will help you get the relevant traffic that you need to stay ahead of your competitors. But, you don’t always get what you’re shown, do you? The same is the case with Google Ads. There are certain defaults in Google Ads that result in you having to spend more money, with no significant return on investment. Let’s have a look at 4 of these Google Ads defaults.

1. Social Network with Display Select

You get Search Network with Display Select (SNDS) as the default campaign when you create a movement of Google Ads. This campaign allows you to display your ads simultaneously on Google Search and the Display Network without opting for a separate drive. Although you may find it a lot more practical right now, it comes with limitations that may cost you more money. SNDS campaigns have a limited targeting capability, and the speed at which your budget depletes is also quite fast. 

Basically, with an SNDS campaign, you’re handing over most of the targeting control and handing it to Google’s hands. It causes advertisers to spend more money on a lesser return on their investment, which is certainly not pleasant.

2. Broad Match Keywords

When you build your keyword list for Google Ads, the keywords are categorized as Broad Match Keywords by default. This keyword category is the least restrictive. Google promises that your ads will be triggered more and get more clicks. Although it stands true, the problem lies in the quality of these clicks. 

Getting plenty of clicks from the wrong people won’t mean much to you or your business. Having your keywords listed as Broad Match Keywords means you’ll have to spend more on traffic generation only to get irrelevant visitors.

3. Search Partners

Another feature that many people often overlook when setting up a Google Ads account is Search Partners. When you create an account with Google Ads, you’re automatically opted to have your ads displayed on all of Google’s Search Partners. While Google has plenty of credible names on the list of Search Partners, there are many websites you might never have heard of. 

According to Google, this feature helps diversify your reach, but it’s not entirely true. With your ad serving hundreds of websites with little or no authority or credibility, and no relevance to the type of product or services you’re offering, there’s a decline in the click-through rate. Your quality score may drop, causing you to bid higher to have your ads ranked highly on Google.

4. Auto Mobile Opt-In

Google isn’t entirely wrong when it says that mobile is the new standard device people use to browse the web. Another default in Google Ads that lowers your ROI is the Auto Mobile opt-in. According to this setting, you’re automatically signed up for mobile ads. However, this service is useless if you haven’t designed your website to be mobile-friendly. If your website design isn’t mobile-friendly, it’ll be a disaster. Instead of boosting the traffic, it’ll result in the opposite happening.

Closing Word

While Google offers all the services it thinks will benefit the advertisers, there are certain areas where Google over-promises but under-delivers. The above-listed defaults in Google Ads are advertised as great features when, in reality, it only costs to promote a lower ROI.