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How to Setup Your First Display Campaign on Google

Paid online marketing is mighty effective for generating leads and getting traffic. Although all digital platforms are somewhat useful when it comes to yielding results through online advertising, a channel with an overarching reach can be more beneficial for marketers. And out of all the virtual marketing networks, Google is undoubtedly the biggest and vastest with the most expansive reach. Therefore, advertising through google is considered a fail-safe way to acquire traction.

Paid marketing through google is done using AdWords. But the question is, how? Well, here’s how:

Google AdWords connects marketers with potential customers using two platforms.

  • Google search network
  • Google display network

The Two Advertising Networks

Google search network works on the principle of PPC- an advertising system that targets active searchers using pay per click. This platform only enables businesses to connect with interested customers who type in relevant keywords. However, the Google display network is a paid advertising resource that connects marketers with any number of potential customers who may or may not be looking for a specific product or service. It places ads for companies on scores of webpages, increasing their visibility significantly. A google display campaign’s reach goes beyond a user’s search terms.

Okay, so the google display campaign is great and can do wonders for firms, but what does it entail and how it’s done? @ In simple words, a google display campaign is the placement of visual ads on multiple websites by Google Adwords.

Every internet user comes across many display ads while scrolling through their favorite blog or browsing through a streaming website. They might not focus on those advertisements per se, but they do get a look. And that is enough for increasing brand awareness.

The key to a successful google display campaign is defining your audience before planning the content. You will only get results if you know which segment of the market you wish to target. Having a clear idea about who will be your target audience is vital to streamline the campaign’s focus.

Creating a Google Display Campaign

Once you know who is going to be your market, sign up for an AdWords account.

After signing up, you’ll see a page with a bunch of options. Click on the red ‘campaign’ button. The site will then give you options to select the type of campaign you wish to design, choose the display network only. Then you’ll be asked to give a name to your campaign and choose a marketing objective.

Choosing a marketing objective can be quite helpful for newbies who do not know their way around AdWords. However, if someone chooses not to select a target, that’s okay too. It means that they’ll be employing the all features system.

Once you begin setting up your campaign, you need to select a location (s) where your ads will.

Next, you need to decide the budget for your campaign. By bidding a budget, you choose how much you are willing to pay per day for your ads. Choose manual CPC settings to control the amount you’ll pay.

Once you’re done with the budget, you can save the settings and continue, which leads you to the page where you get to plan the targeting of your ads. The portal you see next will give you the option to ‘choose how to target your ads’ underneath it; you’ll see three buttons.

  • Display keywords
  • Interests and remarketing
  • Choose a different targeting method

The first key will enable you to enter relevant keywords that represent your brand. After inserting the keywords, you can scroll down and select ‘narrow your targeting further’ to find the ‘placements‘ option. Choose it to pick the websites you want to run your ads on.

The last step to producing your display campaign is designing your ads. To do that, click on the ‘create ads’ button that you’ll see on towards the bottom of the ‘display network only’ page.

The create ads panel offers a variety of tools for designers to create ads for their business. Use them to design creative ads for your display campaign.

And that’s how you can create your first google display campaign!