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- WordPress Developer

The New Year is upon us, and it’s finally time to set those New Year resolutions into motion. If you are a business owner or have a blog (or thinking of having one), now’s the best time to sharpen that website.

One of the best (and easiest) ways of improving a website is by using plugins. These plugins are made to carry out various tasks and ensure your website runs smoothly. The only problem is, if you’re running a website on WordPress, you’ll have around 50,000 plugin options, which can make it difficult for you to find the perfect selection of plugins.

While the number of plugins you use for your WordPress website will depend entirely on your personal preference, these are some of the plugins that your website cannot do without.

1. WooCommerce

If your WP website is related to e-commerce, then WooCommerce is a must-have. This plugin allows users to reach out to a worldwide audience to sell products or services. Furthermore, the WooCommerce plugin is customization and expandable, meaning you can include add-ons as you go. But, more importantly, the plugin is free (although there is also a paid version). Regardless of what great new idea you have for your e-commerce website, you can bet that the WooCommerce plugin can help you do it the right way.

2. MonsterInsights

So, how’s your website performing lately? What. You don’t know. Then it’s time you found out. MonsterInsights is touted as the best WP plugin for Google Analytics out there. Not only does it make it easy to connect your website to Google Analytics, but you also get a deeper understanding of your audience via various stats. This is an excellent choice for those who are looking to attract more of their target audience.

3. iThemes Security

Security is a hot topic these days and for a good reason. The iThemes Security plugin allows you to ensure your website stays protected from the many security vulnerabilities that affect WP websites. Since websites will always be an easy target for hackers, it pays to make sure your website stays protected.

4. WP Fastest Cache

The consumer is growing more impatient day by day. This means, if your website is a little too slow in loading and getting them the information they need (or the product/service they want to buy), your audience is simply going to click to another website. To ensure that never happens, you need to keep your WP website running at an optimal level. One way you can do that is by using the WP Fastest Cache plugin to optimize the speed of your website so that it loads faster.

5. Yoast SEO

Some people might think this WordPress plugin is overrated, but in the ever-competitive world of e-commerce, you will need all the help you can get to get that edge over the competition. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress allows you to do just that. The plugin streamlines the SEO of your website so that you target the right keywords for attracting a specific demographic. But it does so much more; from optimizing the keywords on your site to tweaking the meta descriptions and providing readability tips, the Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have if you want to stay competitive in the e-commerce space.


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