5 of the Best CRO Tips from the Pros

Christopher Savage

- Founder & CEO

Like other strategies used to market a brand online, Conversion Rate Optimization can be a lot of work. However, it can pay back two-fold when done the right way. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best CRO tips to improve your digital marketing strategy performance.

1. The CRO Audit

Of course, before you start, you will need to know where you stand. You can find that out by carrying out a CRO audit. This will be the most crucial stage of any CRO strategy because it will help you optimize your content for your targeted audience. Precisely for the experience you want to give that target audience. Rather than guessing how your audience feels, a CRO audit helps gauge your audience’s behavior, which takes the guesswork out of the equation.

2. Identify the Buyer’s Journey

Not everyone who lands on your website will be at the same point of the buyer’s journey. Some might just be researching a product or service, others will be fans, and others will be interested in getting more information before making a purchase. The copy you use in your landing page should be tailored for every point of the buyer’s journey. To find where the visitor is on their buyer’s journey, gauge the analytics to see what keywords they used to find you.

How, why, and what is usually asked by those still going through the research phase while purchasing and comparing are words used by those who are further down the buyer’s journey. The language you will use on the landing page should keep that in mind and provide information that caters to a specific audience.

3. Offer a Clear Path

To ensure every visitor to your website takes the desired action, it is crucial to set a pre-determined path that will lead them to that action. Sure, you want every visitor to be impressed by the plethora of products or services you offer, but this strategy does not always work. The key is to tell your audience exactly what you need them to do.

Visual cues are compelling when steering visitors on a web page towards taking a particular action. This can be done by eliminating all other distractions that could prevent the visitor from taking the desired action. So, what can you do?

You can also use CTA buttons that are bright and visible to stand out on a page. The last tip here is to try and resist the urge to show off, as in offering too many choices to the visitor, which will leave them confused and frustrated and result in them leaving your website, most probably never returning.

4. Use the Data

Conversion Rate Optimization can be a chore, especially if you are not using analytics and the data at your disposal. Besides, gone are the days when website owners had to guess what the customer wanted or liked to see. Today, there are dozens of online tools (some free and some paid) that can take you into the mind of your customers so that you can devise a CRO strategy accordingly.

Tools such as Google Analytics have been introduced to do just that. Whether you are searching for what percentage of your web traffic comes from mobile users or want to find out the exact demographic of your visitors, analytics tools can help you do all that and so much more.

In short, conversion rate optimization should always be a data-backed endeavor because, without complex data, you are practically swimming blind. Rather than shooting arrows in the dark, analytics tools can help you get the most ROI out of your CRO efforts.

5. Go Down the Survey Route

Surveys are a great way of finding out what your target customers are looking for in terms of information. It can also help you identify your target demographic’s pain points to the position and market your products or service accordingly. The best part about surveys is that tdon’ton’t cost you a dime and can be created and shared with your audience via your website and social media accounts. This is ideal for businesses with a large social media following and can also be beneficial for just entering a business niche.


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