The Best Google Ad Extensions To Use

Christopher Savage

- Founder & CEO

Google Ad Extensions are snippets of additional data added to a campaign. This is done to make ad campaigns more competitive and effective. When it comes to Google Ad Extensions, there are multiple types that one can be available.

Each of these ad extensions offers a unique advantage. This is achieved by providing clickable CTAs or other additional information that will help enhance the overall impact of the ad campaign. But that’s only possible if you use the correct Google Ad Extensions.

So, keeping that in mind, the following are considered some of the best Google Ad Extensions that you can use to enhance the efficiency of your Google ad campaigns in 2021 and beyond.

1. Location-Based Extensions

We start our list with location extensions, also known as affiliate location extensions. Location extensions are great because they help funnel traffic to the business. Since location extensions display the address of a company, they can do wonders for your brick-and-mortar business location. Location-based extensions can also include mapped directions and the distance between a user and your business when searched locally.

This makes location-based extensions critical for those businesses that want to rank higher and get more foot traffic from local search results. Since mobile search is a growing trend, local queries are searched with greater commercial intent. In other words, those searching for your product or service are more likely to stop by your physical store. This alone makes negligence towards using location extensions unforgivable.

2. Call-Based Extensions

As the name implies, call-based extensions allow business owners to nudge prospects into calling up a business. This could be to inquire about the price, product listing, or other detail the prospective customer requires. While this does not mean that the future caller will make a purchase, it certainly increases the possibility of purchasing if the sales and customer support team correctly engages them.

Call-based extensions are the go-to option for businesses where customers are most skeptical, such as car dealerships, academic facilities, etc. This extension can be used as a call button (for mobile devices) or a phone number (for PC users).

While the click of a call button is similar to that on a search ad, it will cost you. A good tip when using call buttons is to turn on Google Ads UI so that you can keep track of the ads you use and which ones are driving more phone calls to your business.

3. Price-Based Extensions

One of the most significant factors for consumers will always be the price of a product or service. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cost can be the main differentiator between a prospective choosing your business or the one across the street.

This means price extensions offer an invaluable service by including the cost of your product or service. This can be especially useful if your ad is up against other competitors who have formed their pricing information. In this case, being unnecessarily mysterious about pricing can cost you, valuable customers.

4. App-Based Extensions

Displayed for mobile searchers, the app extensions provide those interested with an easy way of downloading your business app. These extensions are mainly used to entice prospective customers into taking action. Of course, there are more ways to make this app extension even more attractive to prospects by adding in-app ratings and the number of ratings that have been submitted.

The intent will play a significant role in the mindset of future searchers. It already is, thanks to Google’s latest algorithm update. Like structured snippet extensions, site link extensions are a great way to direct prospective customers to the product or service they are looking for rather than have them sift through a whole catalog. But that’s only possible if you get the prospect’s intent right first.

6. Callout Extensions

Callout-based extensions do precisely what they promise – they call out the best offers and advantages a business offers. This can be a limited-time offer, free delivery services, or 24/7 customer support. Whatever your business’s unique ISP, the callout extension will shine a light on them to help attract more customers.

While this is a bottom-of-funnel extension, you can use callout extensions for instances with relatively high commercial intent. This means not just anybody searching for your product or service for the first time will appreciate your special offers, but those who intend to make a purchase definitely will.

So, there you have it. These were the best options for using Google Ad Extensions to drive sales and increase the revenue of your business. Using extensions that suit your business and marketing strategy will significantly help you increase traffic and sales.


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