Re-Marketing Explained

Christopher Savage

- Founder & CEO

Google is churning out tech-led marketing strategies daily, helping businesses market their products effectively. One of their most groundbreaking announcements was the concept of re-marketing a few years ago.

Have you ever visited a website, looked through it, changed your mind, and left only to have the same site’s ads pop up now and then on your browser? You might wonder how they know how to target you when you took no real action on their website and left behind no information about yourself. Well, it’s not rocket science; you’ve just been a target of re-marketing!

The Google re-marketing tool is an exceptionally brilliant one that regularly brings in a lot of lead conversions for brands. For you to use re-marketing effectively, you must understand it first. These things can get slightly tricky but let us attempt to break them down for you.

What is Re-marketing?

Simply put, re-marketing is quite literally the act of “re-marketing” something to a user who has expressed an interest in your product, service, or website. Suppose a user ever visited your site before but did not make a purchase or take any action. In that case, you keep pitching an ad to them repeatedly, hoping they will eventually return and take another look.

Remarketing is far more personal and interactive, reminding people of their incomplete carts and addressing the visitor as an individual, urging them to give the brand another chance. As such, re-marketing has a substantially higher ROI and lead conversion rate.

Benefits of Remarketing

Investing in re-marketing is perhaps the best thing you can do for your business. There are many benefits to incorporating re-marketing into your marketing plan. Some of them are as follows.

Higher ROI

Remarketing has proved to be highly effective in bringing people back to a site, thus converting them into customers and improving sales. About 70% of the re-marketed people convert to customers on the website. The more users see your ad, the more it will erode their hesitation until they finally purchase from you.

Extremely Targeted

Re-marketing can also be viewed as an extremely targeted marketing tactic. Think about it; the only people who initially visited your site must be the ones who were genuinely interested in it, and though there might be a minuscule percentage that strayed there by mistake, most made the active choice to be there. That is your target market. By going after the people who choose to come to your site, you are marketing to the people with the highest chances of converting.

Increase Recall for Brands

Seeing an ad everywhere might be annoying, but it does, nonetheless, improve a brand’s recall. Whether you like the ad or not, and whether you pay any conscious attention to it, the brand’s name is etched onto your mind without you even realizing it. You might skip and close the ad a hundred times, but the next time you want shoes for yourself, the same shoe brand will instantly pop into your head.

Can Drive Even More Sales

Your retargeted audience may come back to your site for one thing, but they might buy a lot more than they intended to. It can drive more voluminous sales than you even market for.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

If you already advertise on Google, you must input a re-marketing code known as a tag or pixel to your website. This will collect the browser cookies of all those who visited your site and help you retarget the very same people.

For your initial re-marketing campaign, Google suggests you re-market everyone who opened your website and checked out your homepage. As your sales increase, you can narrow down your re-marketing list by only retargeting those who have purchased products from you before or who have visited your websites more than a couple of times. This will help you narrow down your marketing costs and also give you higher conversions on those targets.

The Google Remarketing tool, once understood and used correctly, is an exceptional one. Any business that does not employ it must surely invest in it to get better reach and traffic and increase its conversion rates.


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