No matter what your company’s performance was in 2016, you can improve sales in 2017 with the help of Google AdWords

The year 2017 has been characterized by political-economic problems that occupied most of the news sections in the US. Of course, the problems were not just media-oriented, but had a direct impact on the pocket of most Americans. This made it necessary for consumers to review their purchasing priorities.

However, despite gloomy forecasts, e-commerce has been performing well this year, even surpassing 2016 on some very relevant dates for online retailing!

As we approach the end of 2017, and the new year begin glimpsing around the corner, online retailers ask in unison: how can I sell more in 2018? How can Google and online marketing help me improve sales in the upcoming year?

Here are some tips you need to consider.

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Expanded Ads

Expanded ads were developed by Google AdWords to, as explicitly stated in the name, provide more space for Sponsored Text Links. They were also designed for better performance on mobile devices.

With more space for ads, the impact of Sponsored Links in 2018 promises to be bigger. This means a higher click through rate and increased conversions.

Of course, the visual advantage can be undone by the lack of creativity in the ads, inefficient bid strategies or lists of keywords not relevant. So, to increase sales in 2018 explore the full potential of creatively expanded ads.

Calls to Action on Destination Pages

Calls to action (CTAs) often do not get the right value in online advertising. All creative concentration can easily be directed to the presentation of the product or service itself. As for the call to action, one can run the risk of devoting little time to choosing the best.

But some data show the importance of investing time in the creation of CTAs:

These are just a few examples that show that to increase sales in 2018 you need to carefully consider the calls to action of your ads and landing pages.

A / B and Drafts Tests

The previous sub-item shows, by itself, that small changes can have a great impact on the results when advertising on the internet. The same rule applies to all elements of an ad campaign: title and description of ads, images and videos used, selected extensions, etc.

To increase your sales in 2018, it is important to perform A / B tests and check what works best in your area, always taking into account the target audience.

In addition, AdWords provides an important tool for analyzing change performance before you actually do it. These are the Drafts and Experiences. You can analyze the impact of changes on both the search and the Display Network.

Engage With Local Customers

Many of your customers may be miles from your store (in the case of an advertiser with physical store). But some may be in the vicinity. The approach of customers who are nearby should be different. After all, in these situations, users often search for different information.

AdWords has features that increase the effectiveness of ads to people nearby. You can increase your ads on the internet by adding:

  • Call Extensions: This extension allows you to add phone numbers to your ads. According to Google, this feature can increase the click through rate by up to 5%;
  • Location Extensions: Lets you display a map, address, or distance to your business directly in your company’s ads.


Reaching people who have had some experience with your ads and website is one of the best ways to increase the number of conversions. It’s important to focus your AdWords Remarketing lists on how users have interacted with your site, further personalizing your advertising.

For example, you can create specific ads for users who:

  • visited the site in general;
  • visited specific pages;
  • abandoned the shopping cart or a form;
  • recently converted.

Do you want to increase sales in 2018? It is of utmost importance to work the powerful feature of Remarketing lists in favor of your company.

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Several new features are in the works and should be revealed by Google within the next few months:

Landing page performance

Marketers will soon be able to analyze several landing pages from one place. According to Search Engine Land, the new landing page dashboard will be built similar to Google AdWords and Keyword Planner Tool model. The goal is to make the interface familiar so advertisers can easily optimize the user experience and ad performance of each page, especially on mobile.

Customized In-Market Audiences

Still according to Search Engine Land, Google In-Market Audiences will soon be a part on Search campaigns. Google In-Market Audiences allows you to connect with consumers actively searching or comparing products and/or services with other Display Network publishers, including YouTube. To qualify as an in-market audience, Google categorizes users after considering the clicks on current and future related ads, as well as the overall quality of the website and page visits frequency.

New Google Attribution

The new interface will feature the new free Google Attribution, aiming to simplify complex problem of multichannel, multi-device attribution by leveraging information already available from Google Analytics, Google AdWords and DoubleClick Search. The exact release date is still to be determined.

Store sales measurement uploads

Stores and other advertisers that collect email addresses via customer loyalty programs will be able to import their store transaction data directly into Google AdWords, bypassing data on-boarders. Then, Google will analyze matches for their signed in users and report aggregated store sales, helping measure the value of users who engage with ads and convert in stores.


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Stay Up-To-Date In Order To Sell More in 2018

Google AdWords announces news for Sponsored Links with incredible frequency. Some of these types of news are widely publicized. Others, though, are released silently. All of them need to be reviewed by the Sponsored Links agency that manages your web marketing to ensure that the entire online advertising resource is being used for the benefit of your company. This way, you will take the necessary steps to make 2018 a year characterized by high profitability in your company.

And that’s what we know so far about Google updates. We expect Google to continue rolling out new features in the New AdWords Experience going forward, and will keep you updated on new releases!