How to Make a YouTube Channel

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Creating a YouTube channel is simple and straightforward. But before you can create a channel, you have to make sure you have created a YouTube account. These are two different things, but make sense, right? If you don’t already have a Google account set up, you’ll need to create one before you get started on YouTube. To do this, simply follow the below steps:

  • Head to
  • Click ‘Sign In’
  • Choose the option to create a Google account
  • Follow the steps to create your Google account

Now, you’re all set up with a Google account, just follow these easy steps to make a YouTube channel: – Once you\’ve created your account, go to YouTube Settings and, under Additional Features, click Create New Channel;

  • Choose a name and select the category, in this case, business;
  • With the channel ready, scroll to the page by clicking the upper right corner;
  • In the channel, select add channel art to customize it, then go to about to add description and contact information or others;
  • Now just click upload in the top right corner to submit your first video!

What to do to have a successful channel?

Obviously, it\’s not just about creating a channel and everything will work itself out, but some tips can help pave the way for success:

  • First of All, Do A Good Planning

Acting on impulse is not ideal in any business decision, and this includes the marketing and social networking sectors. While you\’re thinking about having a YouTube channel, you should also think about what you would do with one. Planning is critical to success, and some key issues must be raised, including: what the company\’s identity is and how it will be transmitted; What is the target audience; What are the possibilities and limits of content production; And what will be the schedule. Each of these points should be raised and debated as a team, so it does not get stagnant months after its creation.

  • Work on The Title

It\’s no secret that names and titles are extremely important to the success of any content on the Internet. This is all the true on YouTube, since you only get this chance to catch the attention of the Internet users and convince them that your content is relevant to them. This starts in the channel title. It\’s no use being obvious and just naming it with your company name or brand name, when you can be more creative and make a bigger impact with additional adjectives, for example. The same goes for video titles, which need to stand out creatively among so many others.

  • Do Not Forget the Audio!

It\’s not just YouTube\’s image! One of the most damaging mistakes for channel growth, easily found among beginners, is disregard for audio. Of course, it\’s important to invest in video quality, but you cannot forget that people need to listen to your content as much as they see it, and if they are struggling with it, they will not hesitate to look for other content. So, when it comes to getting equipment for your channel maintenance, make sure that you can always produce good audio quality.

  • Make Posting a Routine

Remember what we said about the timeline at the time of planning? This is where he comes in. Discovering how to make a YouTube channel, you also discover that much of this response has to do with habits. Consumers follow channels as a type of habit, or even hobby, and expect to have something to see when they sign up. To satisfy them, as well as to incorporate the channel to the company assignments, it is recommended that you create a posting routine. This inspires credibility, increases the chances of success of the channel and still creates a much closer relationship with followers.

  • Review Your Visitor Comments

Speaking of relationships with followers, here is a very important and often neglected point. When people decide to take a little of your time to comment on your videos, you should be grateful! In addition to the recognition, often these comments can bring information useful for upcoming productions. When comments are received, whenever possible, make sure they are answered. It is a way to show interest in the activity of your followers and to encourage them to continue to do so. Over time, the comment space can even migrate to several different topics, which means that your content is thought-provoking.

Just because you have created your YouTube channel, it doesn’t mean the work is done and make sure not to make these Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make on YouTube! Now that the channel has been created, it’ time to spice it up with some artwork, optimize the description and add some links to make it even more helpful and informational to your viewers!


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