Top 5 Mistakes Brands Make on YouTube

Santiago Sanches


Many mistakes are common among any creator, but some are far more harmful to businesses. Some, even, are errors only for companies. Get to know them and learn how to avoid them to solve the mystery of how to have a YouTube channel. Here are some of the BIGGEST NO-NO\’s:

  • Going Viral is The Only Goal of The Channel

Yes, we all want our content to reach as many people as possible. We\’d all love to have our videos do the same as Netflix does, for example. However, if the company puts viralization as the main objective of the channel, soon this will become clear to followers and they will lose confidence not only in the channel, but in the company itself. This is extremely dangerous for business. The focus should always be quality and credibility; Even if your videos do not viralize, it\’s worth a loyal audience than some disinterested onlookers.

  • Give Amateur Air on The YouTube Channel

This may even work for some lucky YouTubers who work with entertainment, but it\’s rare for users to enjoy channels that look amateurish, especially if they\’re business-like. It is easy to recognize the air of amateurism in the videos: poor image and sound quality, lighting errors, editing errors, lack of nexus or consistency in the subject addressed etc. It\’s just to have a critical eye for production and common sense to change what needs to be changed. With attention to detail, both technical and content, this impression can be easily avoided.

  • Do Not Do SEO on The Channel

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is content optimization so that search engines, like Google, find and list positively something that has been posted on the internet. Considering the amount of information that falls on the internet every day, the importance of being found is not only significant to the success of the channel but vital to its survival. In the case of YouTube, some of the things that most should be taken into account for SEO is the correct choice of keywords, the choice of the best cover (thumbnail), the use of tags, detailed descriptions and the addition of annotations and subtitles in the videos.

  • Do Not Use Other Media to Promote YouTube Videos

As much as YouTube is a force to be recognized, it does not work alone. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the platform already works by itself, as an integrated social network, but it is not so. Once the videos have been posted on the channel, the company can and should disclose them on other social media. In addition to helping you strengthen your brand on the internet, this also creates a network that can span more and more followers. What\’s more, social networks like Twitter, and especially Facebook, are still the most accessed across the country.

  • Do Not Follow The Channel Periodically

As part of the marketing strategy of the company, of course you may end up not being present for any and all production that is being posted on the channel. However, whenever possible, you should be aware of what has been happening and how the netizens are reacting. It\’s always good to be aware of statistics, and in case a team is specifically designed to produce the videos, they should be instructed to pay attention to them as well. In fact, the team should be trained, and all the tips we give should be understood and applied by everyone involved.

YouTube is one of the most exciting places for brands to interact with fans and publish new content. However, brands must be smart about what they produce and how they release it. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and you\’ll be well on your way to publishing bold, innovative content and creating a sustainable online presence for your brand.


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