You must have already read how to take advantage of digital advertising to your website and turn visitors into consumers of your business. One of the main benefits of digital advertising success is the ability to target campaigns, regardless of their purpose. We now have the possibility of advertising in the four major media types known: Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

More and more companies are betting on the four forces of digital advertising, doing a good job using these maneuvers, leaving the top research positions, in most markets, extremely competitive.

Research conducted over the past few years has identified the emergence and evolution of four powerful forces: social networking, cloud computing, mobility, and information. The convergence of these four forces gives rise to what Gartner, in a recent publication, calls “Nexus of Forces.” Although, individually, each force already has evidence in the current context of technology, the differential lies in thinking them together.

Social networks connect people and stimulate exchange and search for information. We can say that the power of information is what moves and “ties” all the others in the Nexus. Mobile devices are an effective platform for social networks while maintaining constant connectivity. All this social environment of information exchange and mobility is only possible given the existence of a model of cloud computing, which allows the delivery of information and functionality to users and systems.

These four forces intertwine creating an ecosystem for the user of modern computing. As a result of the “consumerization” and ubiquity of intelligent devices connected to the network, consumer behavior has caused the convergence of these forces. People expect products and services to be interactivity and ease of access to information. Thus, the user, less and less passive, has control over what he expects and desires.

The big business challenge is how to adapt and benefit from this dynamic to create innovative products and services, reaching new customers in new contexts. It is not uncommon to see IT departments plastered with conservative architectures, whose processes and skills characterize obsolete forms of work. Habits that come from this work format must change so that you can take advantage of the Nexus of Forces and generate competitive advantages and business opportunities.


How to leverage the four major digital advertising formats to attract customers?

Digital advertising strategies need to be increasingly improved to get attention, as the current scenario makes it critical that companies are able to make the most of the tools can attract potential consumers.

The four major formats of this type of advertising enable you to reduce the waste of your marketing investments and make it possible for any advertiser, small or large, to communicate with a certain audience.

Your goal is to bring new leads or customers to your company, correct? But you will only turn the visits made on your website into cash if you are able to convert them into potential buyers. And most of these consumers are on social networks and are hit by at least one of the four advertising media cited in this post.

The revenue generated by these location-based services will reach $ 43.3 billion by 2019, and advertising will contribute to most of that amount. The applications of most interest in the short term will be navigation, location search and social networks / friends’ locator.

Mobile advertising has accelerated its evolution over the past year, despite remaining issues such as privacy, metrics and standards. This market is expected to double over the next two years and grow 12 times worldwide in 2017 to $ 20.6 billion, or about 4% of total advertising spending.

This growth has occurred due to the adoption of smartphones, tablets and their increasing use for information, entertainment and social networks.

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