While this title may seem ambitious, there is a definitive link between customer growth and marketing. In order to double your customer base in three months’ time, you need to ensure that you’re able to get the exposure your business needs to attract this set of clientele needed to double your customer base. In this article, we will discuss seven ways you can go about doing that.


#1: Build customer loyalty.

Loyal customers are the best customers, not only because they give you consistent business and value your work, but also because they spread the word to their friends, family, and neighbors. If a customer is loyal to your business, he or she has probably had an excellent experience that will turn them from simply loyal to vocally loyal and able to spread news of your business to other potential clientele.

#2: Increase your social media marketing.

There are billions of people on social media, and businesses need to branch out into that market if they’re going to be successful in garnering new clientele and expanding their base. Increase your presence on social media, not just from a marketing-only standpoint, but also in terms of your response time to any complaints or customer requests that you receive on these platforms.

#3: Target an audience directly.

Having a specific audience in mind when you’re marketing your business is a good idea, and it prevents you from stagnating, because you will always have that loyal base to draw back on. The specific audience that you target will form your base group, and from that group will come other clientele that can help you expand your business. Targeting an audience directly will lead to more results than simply aimlessly advertising. You have to target people who you know will be interested in your business.

#4: Create a referral program.

A client referral program is always a beneficial idea, both to you and your client. A client referral program is where a current client is rewarded by your business for bringing in a new customer by word-of-mouth advertising. This referral program motivates your clients to bring in someone new so they can be rewarded. It also helps you, as it brings in new business.

#5: Ally with other businesses.

The business world may be competitive, but there is no reason that you can’t make allegiances and form friendships with other businesses that aren’t your competition. Allying with other businesses related to yours will help expand your client pool, and will mutually benefit the both of you. This type of bonding between businesses is not only good for the business ecosystem, it also is great for your clientele.

#6: Spend time with current clientele.

Cold-calling is difficult, and often fruitless as well. Current clientele should be your priority, along with expanding your client base. Focus on the clients that you do have, and make sure they are happy, as they can bring in new business for you by spreading the word to others. Focusing on keeping your current customers happy doesn’t mean that you have to totally ignore the idea of building new relationships with new clientele. You can do both—they’re not mutually exclusive.

#7: Try content marketing. 

Content marketing is where you provide valuable information to customers in order to help make yourself a trusted authority in your field. Content marketing can take the form of starting a blog, publication, or other informational platform from which you can address clients.

Doubling your customer base in ninety days can be done—it is possible, and by following these ways and expanding your marketing and client divisions, you will be able to succeed.