9 Ways Internet Marketing Companies Are Substituting Office Marketing Departments

When you think of a marketing department, your mind might jump to Mad Men-esque scenes of people in cubicles running around with stacks of papers in their hand. In today’s day and age, that’s not as ubiquitous anymore. Internet marketing companies are, in many ways, substituting office marketing departments, and this substitution has to do with the technological advancements that accompany the Internet boom and social media craze. Numbers don’t lie, and you can see by the increase in social media and Internet users that online marketing companies are the wave of the future.

#1: There is a wide audience base on the Internet.

There are several answers to the question of why internet marketing is so popular. First, the sheer number of people using the internet allows you to expand your target audience to encompass a larger group than you would through simply print advertising. According to Internet Live Stats, there are nearly 3.5 billion Internet users throughout the world, and that number increases every second.

#2: Adults are the main purchasers, and are likely who your business is targeting. They primarily use social media as well.

Social media, according to Pew Research Center, also shows strong numbers, with 74% of adults who use the internet reporting that they use social media networking sites.

#3: Internet marketing provides more options for you.

Social media outreach, blogging, content marketing, email subscription lists, websites, and more are all ways that internet marketing is outstripping regular print advertising. Internet marketing allows you to access resources that you hadn’t before.

#4: This increase in access is paired with the enlarged audience base.

This access also comes with an increase in viewers, as the people you can reach through the internet is greater than who you could reach by simply putting ads into print.

#5: The internet isn’t difficult to use.

Internet marketing is easy to use and profitable. Online profiles are set up in a way that makes it very simple for you to fill in the information and start posting. While there are tips and tricks to internet marketing that require a company to help you out, managing a social media page isn’t difficult. Savage Global Marketing comes in when you need multiple accounts and websites managed.

#6: Even if you run into difficulties, there are companies available to help you.

Some internet marketing requires professional help, as expert-level, Internet-savvy technicians are needed to keep things up and running. But accessing your profile and looking at the results is far easier when it just involves a few clicks of a button.

#7: The internet costs less than print.

The cost of internet marketing is less than print advertising or other forms. According to AZ Central, the average cost of a print marketing campaign (newspapers, magazines, etc.) is over $40,000 combined. Internet marketing costs far less than that, as the resources needed are not as concrete and extensive.

#8: The internet is outperforming the print industry.

It also is very profitable, as Internet usage (which, as stated above, consists of almost 3.5 billion people) is far more widespread than subscriptions to magazines and/or newspapers. In fact, Bloomberg Quick Take reports than the newspaper industry has lost a third of its revenue since 2005.

#9: Even in areas where the print industry is doing well, the internet is still more consistent.

While private companies have managed to keep their revenue afloat (and in some cases, even increasing), there hasn’t been the explosion in growth that would be needed to eke out the Internet for dominance

Statistics show that the internet continues to grow and increase its user base each second. In order to make sure you are taking advantage of this trend, you need to get in touch with an online marketing organization that will propel your enterprise to new levels. Marketing and advertising is just as important as it ever was, if not even more so. But the methods of marketing have changed, and it’s vital that you keep up with them.