20 Ways to Rock your Retail Marketing

Santiago Sanches


What am I talking about? @ That my friend is MORE SALES.

Retail is the bridge that connects products to the consumer. The more people that are connected, the more sales right? What better way than to connect more people to your store than marketing? @ Here I will present to you “20 Ways to Rock Your Retail Marketing”

Let’s Get It!

1. Be the Go-To for Information

Offer loads of information that pertains to your industry. Constantly give your customers tips, tricks, and expert advice that is valuable to them. A way to do this is through blogs. For example, if you run a Real Estate company a great blog to write could be “10 Things to consider when looking for a home.” This blog would be very valuable to your customers because they are looking for a home and they would find use in this piece of content.

This can also be done through videos or on a Youtube channel. Provide information and you will become an authority and very knowledgeable of the subject at hand.

2. Motivate Shoppers to visit you

Most shopping is done online, although some people do go in to shop there isn’t much foot traffic like it used to be. Offer something exclusive to your in-store customers. Host in-store events to get your customers to come in.

This will also give them a chance to have an in-person interaction with your brand.

3.Utilize Social Media to the Fullest

Social media is a free marketing tool so you want to generate as many conversions as you can on this platform. Don’t just push your brand but engage and interact with your customers. Form relationships with your customers but keep in mind that relationships don’t form overnight.

Follow the AEC method. This abbreviation stands for Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion. First you introduce yourself to your target audience, then you interact with each other, and finally, you ask them to buy your product. You can also use social media to keep your followers up to date on special sales or discounts.

4. Create a Loyalty Program

New customers are great but what about your existing customers? Nurture your relationship with them by creating a loyalty reward program that offers special discounts, birthday offers, or even a point system.

I appreciate the reward program that Fresco has because they always have special discounts for members. This makes my grocery shopping more satisfying.

5. Make Customers Take Action

Uber Eats offers free delivery within the first 5 minutes that you open the app. This gets me every time and I end up purchasing Uber Eats. Create a sense of urgency to motivate your customers to make a purchase.

It is scientifically proven that if there is a limited time to buy a product or if the item is scarce it will motivate a customer to make an impulse buy.

6. Community Service

This shouldn’t be done primarily for attention but to truly help the lives of others. Drawing attention to your brand should be the effect of helping others. Community service events are a great way to help your community while drawing attention to your brand.

Lending a helping hand will also make you more relevant in your area.

7. Pricing

Use a few pricing tricks to catch buyers. Here are a few:

Anchoring This happens when we get customers to evaluate value by placing a high price next to a more affordable one. Imagine if Sprint placed a 300 dollar cell phone next to a 200 dollar cell phone. Customers will look at the 200 dollar cell phone as a deal because they will compare it with the 300 dollar cell phone.

Left-digit bias These are the $6.99s, $19.99s, and the $74.99s that you see in the store. The idea is that we look at the first number before the decimals and it makes us feel better about making a purchase.

Discount prices Cross out the original price and place it next to a discounted price so that customers feel that they are getting a bargain.

8. Research…Research…Research

Research EVERYTHING! Knowledge is POWER. Research your competitors, their customers, your customers, and the latest trends. You should research the customers you want to acquire. The more data you have the better you can optimize your marketing plan.

9. Be Relevant Locally

You must get familiar with the community that you do business in and you must find a way to get them to become familiar with you. When you become apart of the community your business becomes more personal to your customers.

To appeal to your local customers fill your ads with something that shows that you are part of their community. For example, If your T-shirt store is in Detroit, Michigan, putting a Detroit Pistons logo on a shirt would be a great idea. Geotargeting on all platforms is also a great method for capturing your local audience.

10. Have Entertainment in Store

Host events in your store to get more foot traffic. Have one big event and two smaller events every month. A big event could be a party or a class. It’s used to drive in tons of traffic and takes a little longer to plan. @ A small event is one that is easier to plan. It could be a mini class or a demonstration. You aren\’t just limited to parties and classes, you could think of any other types of events that you think your customers would love.

11. Remarketing

Have you ever left a website you were shopping on and their ads start to follow you around the web? That is remarketing. This helps you remind the people who interacted with you online that your product is here to solve the problem that they are having.

12. Have an Amazing Window Display

Your window display at your store should tell a story and catch the attention of the people walking by. It acts as an invitation into your stores, creates impulse buys, and sparks curiosity.

13. Focus on Your Customer Experience

Customer experience and your brand go hand and hand. When I have to get a tire change I go to a tire shop called Jazmin’s Tire Shop. Her shop is farther and more expensive than other tire shops but I go there because of how well they treat me and how great their customer service is.

Let\’s face it what you are selling can’t be that different than what your competitors are selling so instead outdoing their products outdo them by creating a better customer experience. People like to feel good, make them feel good and they will keep coming back.

14. Connect your online store with your Physical Store

Your customer’s in-store experience and your online store experience should complement each other.

The only purpose of your online presence shouldn’t just be to generate sales. You should also provide a store locator and real-time inventory that shows how many items are in stock. Making online reviews and testimonials accessible in-store would be appreciated by your customers.

15. Get Your Abandon carts revisited

I placed an item from Dorado Fashion in my online shopping cart. I abandoned the shopping cart but the company texted me with a 25% discount code and a link back to my shopping cart. I jumped right in and completed the transaction.

The global rate of cart abandonment is 75.6%. Email or text your customers with a special offer and a link back to their abandoned cart to get them to finish their transaction. Studies show that if you implement this method you will see a 30% growth in revenue.

16. Improve your product

People are paying for your product so that it solves their problem. Ask for feedback a week after they’ve made a purchase. Constantly ask your customers how you can improve your product.

See how your customers feel about your product by looking at your Google reviews. If your product is giving your customer any issues you should fix the problem and let them know that it\’s fixed.

17. Everyone loves a Text

Do you have your customer’s phone number? Keep them up to date about the latest sales and discounts that you are offering through text. @ Fashion Nova texts me every time they are having a sale. It feels good to be in the loop because I would hate to miss a sale. I mean who does?

18. Referrals are your best friend

Reward your customers for referring you to their family and friends. The incentive could be a free product, gift card, or a special discount.

Scentbird will give you a free fragrance if you refer someone and they sign up for their service. I mean they should give me a free fragrance for mentioning them in this blog. Right?

19. Sell on Multiple Platforms

Your website and Amazon are excellent places to sell your products. Broaden your reach by using more than one sales engine.

Some other sites to sell items are Walmart, eBay, Newegg, and Jet. Do this and you will see your customer base grow.

20. Ask an Influencer

Did you know every dollar that you spend on Influencer Marketing gets you $6.50?

Ask an influencer that your target audience follows on social media to take a picture with your product.

Imagine if an influencer has one million followers and you pay them to feature your brand in their post. That’s one million people who are likely to see your product. Even if 10% of the followers see your product that’s 100,000 people being introduced to what you offer.

Are you ready to rock your retail marketing?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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