The Dos And Don’ts Of Facebook Advertising

Santiago Sanches


One of the many benefits of Facebook advertising is that it reaches your target audience quite efficiently, and its targeting capabilities are impressive. It is, after all, one of the most targeted forms of advertising and offers excellent opportunities to engage with your audience.

However, it’s not as simple as creating a Facebook advertisement, running it online, and waiting for successful results. Many businesses fall victim to several advertising mistakes on Facebook that cost them a lot of money and cause them to miss out on potential sales and engagement prospects.

Facebook Ads are more like a tough cookie that takes time to crack, but once you understand the basic rules, you can reap maximum benefits from them.

Take a look at some essential Dos and Don’ts of Facebook advertising that will help you avoid mistakes and devise effective advertisement strategies for your page.

Dos of Facebook Advertising

1. Know Your Audience

You must know everything about your audience when running Facebook ads for your business. You want your ad to resonate with your viewers, attracting them to your product or services. For instance, if your target market is young men, try to develop an ad that they will understand easily – an ad that makes them believe they will benefit from your business.

2. Keep it simple

Nothing kills a Facebook ad faster than long, tedious, dull content. You want to keep it simple, clear, and concise but creative enough that makes it sticks in the viewer’s mind.

3. Use a clear, strong CTA (Call-to-Action)

The point of a Facebook ad is to convince your audience to take action by using your products or services. So, ensure that your ad has a solid and transparent Call-to-Action, making them want to take action!

4. Choose a catchy image for your ad that best represents your brand

A typical Facebook newsfeed is full of pictures, news, and advertisements. How do you make yours stand out?

Use a full and fascinating image that reflects your brand well and successfully attracts your audience’s attention. Consider creative ways to incorporate your logo into the ad or try to use your brand’s color in the image, for instance.

Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

1. Don’t use a Call-to-Action (CTA) that is confusing or misleading

A common mistake businesses make when advertising on Facebook is that their CTA doesn’t align well with the overall ad, which confuses viewers. They fail to understand what you are trying to sell through your Ad or what action they are supposed to take if they are interested in your product. It’s almost like your ad is about one thing, but the Call-to-Action is entirely different.

2. Don’t make it complex with too much information

The best Facebook ads are those that are easy to understand and comprehend within a matter of a few seconds. You don’t want your ad to leave the audience wondering what it was or what it meant. Please don’t make it too complex for people to understand; try to keep it short. Information overload doesn’t work well with Facebook advertisements.

3. Don’t use any random images for your ad

The content of your ad is significant, but so is the supporting image that goes with it. Don’t just use random images for your ad because it needs to be well-thought-out, high-quality, and focused. Images are a great way to grab immediate attention, so you want to ensure that your ad’s image attracts enough attention from your viewers to tempt them into reading the written content.

4. Don’t forget to re-read your ad and proofread for mistakes

One of the worst things you can do when advertising on Facebook is to run your ad with a typo or a grammatical error! It’s a massive turn-off for people, so you should never forget to re-read, recheck, and proofread your ads for mistakes and errors.

To put your business on Facebook, you must be creative and clever with your ads. Strictly avoid the don’ts and practice the dos to get noticed, drive sales, create a buzz, and generate thousands of clicks!


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