20 Facebook Ad Examples from Big Brands

With social media networks rapidly taking over the digital marketing world, today, Facebook ads have become the new profitable trend! The platform offers creative freedom to brands looking to transform their online businesses into a powerhouse, earning significant revenue every month.

Here, we have compiled a list of 20 Facebook ad examples from big brands that effectively demonstrate how to do marketing right!

1. Amazon Kindle

With this Facebook ad, Amazon Kindle uses celebrity endorsement as an advertising strategy to build credibility and boost their business offerings. Since famous people tend to add glamour and a relatability factor to a brand and easily influence others, it is indeed a smart move!

2. Sephora

This simple yet unique Sephora ad starts with the words, “Your skin is unique,” indicating that the brand understands that users need to adapt to products as per their personal preferences. Customizable offerings can go a long way

3. Coca-Cola

With this Facebook ad, Coca-Cola proves that it is indeed a genius brand! Encouraging existing customers to tag other people is one of the most effective marketing tactics out there. Every time a person tags someone in a post, they are directly informing their family and friends that they are using the business’s products.

4. Microsoft

Utilizing eco-friendly marketing practices, Microsoft conveys a message to its users that their production process is ecologically responsible. This effectively creates a positive image in the mind of many environmental enthusiasts!

5. McDonald’s

This is incentive marketing at its best! Here, McDonald’s uses a motivational device to increase their sales. The clever use of the word rewards in the program name communicates that the audience has something to gain from the program.

6. Cisco

The phrase “Warning, it’s not easy” is a subtle challenge hidden in this Facebook ad that is strategically placed. This not only creates curiosity in the reader’s mind but also encourages them to take action.

7. H&M

H&M encourages its audience to embrace their body type because they have the ideal clothing solution for you!

8. SAP

SAP uses an inspirational marketing strategy by telling its audience that the time to use learning as a sustainable competitive advantage is now.

9. eBay

Online shoppers are always looking for value for their money. With Facebook ads like these, eBay tells its customers that they can use one simple product for many purposes.

10. Sony

The high-definition presentation that Sony posted in this Facebook ad truly conveys that the brand understands users’ need and desire for premium-quality sound and resolution.

11. Colgate

This simple Facebook post without any call to action creates a positive image in users’ minds and encourages them to rely on the brand.

12. Starbucks

Starbucks gives its customers the chance to celebrate newness, and it taps into the appeal by offering them an opportunity to be among the first to experience their latest creation.

13. Lego

Cartoon characters are known to grab the attention of potential customers visually. Here, Lego takes advantage of the widely-loved Mickey Mouse character to provoke subconscious nostalgia and ultimately boost their business.

14. Prada

“If the product is good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!” Prada uses this consumer mindset to generate buzz around its products.

15. Burberry

Whether it’s the design or message, simplicity always tells a powerful story. Burberry knows who their customers are, and they understand that keeping it simple is key to succeeding in the luxury clothing industry!

16. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria Secret promotes its sexy lacy lingerie collection through this Facebook ad in an ideal way. It shows that the brand is all about providing a comfortable experience to the users and boosting body confidence. The perfect combination of substance and style!

17. Gucci

Even though Gucci, a luxury fashion house, is promoting sneakers in this ad, they have harnessed the power of pastels to draw the maximum attention of viewers.

18. Lenovo

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Lenovo creatively adds the word playing in their Facebook ad, adding a little fun factor to their tech-related campaign.

19. Asus

ASUS uses incentive marketing to encourage its target audience to complete the desired action. This Facebook ad is an excellent example of motivating viewers to convert!

20. Levis

Like Lego, Levis also uses cartoon characters as a powerful visual weapon. The time-honored character of Mickey Mouse is sure to evoke happy memories and encourage online shoppers to kick it old school!

Bottom Line

If you are looking to guarantee engagement and increase your organic reach through social media ads, take inspiration from the 20 Facebook ad examples from big brands!