You Need to Start Creating Content with Meaning

Santiago Sanches


As content marketing is one of the most important and influential forms of marketing, it’s no surprise that the Internet is full of advice about how to create the best content, how to draw an audience, etc. However, the landscape is changing and simple, generic content isn’t cutting it anymore.

Good quality content will attract attention but to stand out, your content should be great and unique. At Savage Global Marketing, we ask our clients to focus on the meaning of the content more than the relevance of it.

Less About Marketing

Your audience will naturally be suspicious of any content that focuses more on your product and business than on the message you’re trying to convey. This form of marketing is more about bringing people to your doorstep and connecting with them rather than promoting your product.

Marketers have now realized that perhaps the relevance of the content isn’t as important as the connection with the audience. There are several companies, like AT&T, Coca Cola, etc, that are conveying social messages through their video ads. Why would they do it? The reason behind it is to establish a connection and create a feel-good factor that doesn’t have anything to do with the brand. This tactic draws more organic content.

Such Contents go Viral

Whether it’s an infographic, a written piece, or a video, content with an emotional connect with the audience tends to go viral easily. It attracts more attention than any other form of marketing. The intention is to establish your presence but not force it on your audience. The focus should be on the message rather than your product or business.

Most marketers are somewhat reluctant to spend money on something that doesn’t definitively market their product, but content marketing isn’t really advertising.It has always focused on building brand awareness and getting an organic audience. You have other campaigns running that focus on marketing your products. Things like PPC, print ads, video ads, etc, can focus on promoting your products.

Content marketing is all about getting attention; it’s about creating a brand message. In today’s overcrowded market, the only way to get attention is to create something unique and something that would connect personally with the audience.

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