Remarketing for Bing Users, Available Now!

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*Professional marketers and industry insiders are well aware that remarketing is a great tool to draw audiences that were on the verge of converting. Most people understand it as retargeting as well.Regardless of the name, the function it performs is easy to understand.

When a prospect visits your website and browses through it, a small bit of code we all know as a cookie is installed in their browser. When they leave your website and explore the internet, depending on the remarketing service you use, your ads would be shown to them.

Bing is Now Getting into the Game

On the 15th of October, Microsoft announced the availability of Remarketing in Bing Ads in its blog. Google already offers this service through AdWords, but Bing/Yahoo users have missed this vital advantage in Bing Ads.

Fortunately, Bing has now introduced remarketing and its users can take advantage of this technique. Remarketing is known to generate higher conversation rates if it’s handled properly. It can be a very important aspect of a business’ marketing campaign. Marketers have been waiting for Microsoft to introduce remarketing to Bing and will no doubt be pleased to see it. After all, Bing targets a different kind of audience than Google; and to date those audiences have been outside the remarketing reach.


People who’re familiar with AdWords remarketing would swim in familiar waters here. The process of using remarketing in Bing ads is similar. Note, Bing allows you to remarket using search ads and shopping ads. The set-up process is simple: – You need to place the UET or the Universal Event Tracking tag in the code of your website.

  • You’ll then need to create thorough remarketing lists targeting prospects who’ve visited particular sections of your website.
  • You’ll need to link your remarking lists to your ad campaigns in Bing.
  • You can adjust the bids, broaden keywords, introduce negative keywords, and customize ads, etc, according to your requirements.

If you want a detailed explanation of the remarketing set up in Bing, you can visit the help section here. If you have any questions at all about web design, digital marketing, etc, you can contact us at Savage Global Marketing. You can get in touch with us by filling in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also give us a call on 954 383 7092.


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