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How to Target Email Lists when Advertising?

Targeted email marketing is an effective method to acquire leads and retain customers. In fact, it is recognized as the top advertising tool in America, especially for small business owners. Why? Because of the ease of customization that it offers. Email advertising allows marketers to craft personalized messages for clients categorized into predefined segments, which greatly betters the chances of lead generation and conversion.

It is the advanced and more efficient version of the old school batch and blast method, which would send out generic content to all customers on the business’s list. Since every customer or potential customer that stumbles upon a brand is different, they cannot be entertained the same way. Hence, a targeted tactic must be employed to engage and sustain clients successfully.

Segmenting Subscribers’ Lists

Targeted emails can engage customers in a number of ways. From Facebook ads to Instagram images, any type of riveting content form can be sent to pre-segmented customers. But how exactly are these segments formed to place consumers in from a brand’s list of subscribers?

Users subscribing to a brand can be at different touchpoints in their buyer’s journey; some might just be starting while others might be close to converting. Similarly, they can have different preferences and belong to various age brackets. Marketers use all these distinguishing features to come up with categories for customers. For instance, a sweater company may have a segment for clients who prefer puffer jackets over cardigans; thus, they will be exposed to ads relevant to their taste.

Once a company defines a criterion for grouping subscribers from all channels (online website, social media networks, and direct contact information), it will generate content accordingly and send it out using the services of an Email Service Provider or ESP. # Email Service Providers and Social Media Audience Customizing Tools

Email service providers are technology companies that help businesses break down subscriber lists into different categories (as per an enterprise’s brief) and send out email campaigns. With the rapidly rising popularity of target email marketing, scores of ESPs have entered the market. And while different email service providers can offer a wide variety of services, they typically provide the following two functions.

  • Storing and sorting email lists (users who have subscribed to a brand via an online channel)
  • Sending email campaigns

Some ESPs may also provide advanced services, such as – Creative content in emails

  • Marketing and email automation
  • Website tracking to gather more information about subscribers
  • Split testing of email subject lines and body
  • Lead capture forms

Popular social media networks further allow marketers to retarget email lists by matching the IDs of their users with those on the list. That is, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram now feature tools that allow marketers to upload segmented lists of clients to match the network’s users with the members on the lists that have the same email addresses. By doing so, corporations are able to send out relevant advertising content via social media channels.

Targeting email lists by categorizing subscribers using ESPs or other networks is an excellent way to generate a higher return on investments and ensure business growth. Moreover, if a startup company employs this targeted technique of connecting with clients, it can reap ample benefits and grow exponentially.