Google Ads Campaign Types

Google is the most used search engine with all around the world using it daily for all kinds of needs, whether they’re looking for a solution to their problem or looking for a product or a service in particular. This gives you the opportunity to present what you are offering directly to them, at the right place and the right time.

Different strategies are used when it comes to advertisements. Every day, we come across numerous ad put up on different platforms like sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, and if we look there is another huge place available for ads with google with their different ad campaigns. This resource often goes untapped as it is a bit more complicated to work with in the beginning but today we’ll explore some types of campaigns they offer to get you started with marketing your product on a whole new level.

Display campaign

You must have seen ads in the sidebar or somewhere while going through most of the websites, which is part of the display campaign option. Display campaign allows you to display your text, image or a video to people who are using different websites, apps or watching videos, which is separate than the main google search results.

This is highly helpful if you want to introduce your brand to new people to make them aware of your products or make your ad act as a reminder of your brand, building brand awareness. This offers you to reach a wider audience as your ad will be displayed on websites all over the internet, and this is its main charm as google as partnered with websites of all kinds and you get a chance to reach such a wide variety of audience.

Search campaign

These are fairly simple to work with, requiring no special assets. Search campaign permits you to place your advertisements across the huge platform of Google search results. In this way your ads can show up to people who are already searching for your products and services. In terms or reach, search campaigns can help direct more people to your website giving you more leads and promoting your sales, and a plus point being that the audience targeted would be highly relevant to you as they are the people are actively searching your product.
Since google is a worldwide network so to ensure that your ads isn’t displayed where it would be of no use, you need to research in detail about how to play with the options available for you so that it is displayed when it would be most useful to you, this includes carefully selecting the keywords that would make your ad show up in the search results.

Shopping campaign

If you’re actively selling a product then this one’s for you. You can use shopping campaign to promote your product and direct the audience towards your website. This ad would also show a picture of your product, together with its details such as price, product specifications, and your brand name. Rather than just displaying a text or image on different websites this helps your customers to take a decision and directly leads them to a purchase option to highly targeted audience, as this campaign also shows your ad to people who are actively for a product. Through the shopping campaign you could see your ads on the shopping tab on the search engine, within the google search, search partner websites with google, and the google display network. Shopping ads give your ad a broader presence as more than one ad can display at the same time or even a text ad and a shopping ad can show up at the same time. Shopping ads work a little differently than the search ads as they use product details that you provided rather than using keywords.

YouTube campaign

The YouTube campaign options allows you to display your advertisements on YouTube, which is a separate website. To speak technically, it is just a website but when you looks at how much it is viewed on a daily basis, it becomes a very much viable option for placing ads. You can make an attractive video for your ad to achieve better engagement. Even under the YouTube campaign you are given a couple of options on how you want to display your ad, so you can choose the method that you think would be most worth. You can direct the people who are watching your ad on YouTube to your website where you can introduce your product to them.