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How to Advertise on Amazon

Advertising is the best way to gain visibility on Amazon. However, there are many layers to Amazon’s advertising system. A beginner can effortlessly create an ad campaign and gain traction for their product, but creating an advertising campaign for long-term results can be tricky. In this article, we will tell you how to advertise on Amazon so that you can gain maximum benefit from your investment.

Advertising Products by Amazon

Amazon offers a variety of advertising products. The three basic plans are: – Sponsored Ads

  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Displays (Beta)

Sponsored Ads

With sponsored ads, you can advertise a particular product across Amazon. It is the simplest advertising tool Amazon has to offer and is ideal for beginners who are new to the world of advertising. It allows you to create smaller product-based campaigns that allow you to gain visibility. 1. Set campaign duration

  1. Outline your budget
  2. Decide target keywords
  3. Choose the products you want to advertise
  4. Launch the campaign

The sponsored ads by Amazon follow a pay per click model, which allows beginners to keep better track of their investment. Here, you chose your bids and target audience according to your budget and your goal.

Sponsored Brands

Where Sponsored Ads are ideal for drawing attention, sponsored brands are used by established sellers trying to create a brand identity. It allows the brand to engage with shoppers to create a loyal customer base. – Determine a Budget

  • Create the ad – Add a customized headline plus choose which products to feature
  • Choose target keywords
  • Determine how much you want to bid per click
  • Submit for review
  • Pay per click only

The review takes about 72 hours, after which your brand campaign is displayed across Amazon. You can also use the new-to-brand metrics to identify how successful the campaign [email protected] ### Sponsored Display

The display service allows users to reach shoppers while they are in the midst of their buying journey. With four simple steps, you can create a campaign that targets customers via buyer characteristics you outline. – Determine your targeting strategy- Interests, views or products

  • Set a daily spending budget
  • Outline your bid
  • Choose the products you want to promote

Amazon automatically creates an ad for you and displays it on the site as well as across other platforms. With sponsored display, you get more comprehensive coverage both off-site and on-site, which is ideal for those looking to expand the business operation.

Other Options

Amazon also offers audio ads, video ads, customized advertisement plans, and more. We suggest that you start small and gain visibility by advertising specific products. Once you have enough sales, you should start focusing on building a brand. Here, you can also use the Sponsored Store option by Amazon, which allows you to create a unique shopping experience that can make branding easier.

Sponsored displays can help you expand your customer base and is ideal for those with aggressive growth goals. If you don’t want to add a personal touch to your campaigns, then you can use custom advertising solutions. This allows you to create solution-oriented campaigns with personalized advertisements.


When trying to figure out how to advertise on Amazon, keep these tips in mind: – Use category-specific targeting for sponsored ads

  • Use SEO practices in your product listings
  • Don’t rely on one campaign and keep optimizing your advertising strategy.
  • Update your bids and don’t just set them and forget about them
  • Use a mix of auto and manual campaigns to explore and exploit

With these tips in mind, advertising on Amazon becomes a very straightforward process. You can combine various products the website offers to create a campaign that will get you initial traction and help amass a loyal customer base.