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Fast ways to improve your PPC results


Landing page – Landing pages are for clients with high bounce rates, issues converting leads on their website, or businesses that want to focus on a specific offer.

Website Pop-ups – This is a great lead magnet for white papers, offers, or email list building on websites that do not currently have one. Pop-ups have an average conversion rate of 3.09%, and the industry average is only 2%.

Email Sign-Up Form – This is primarily added to the footer of a website or blog to help build an email list and convert visitors, especially those unsure where to navigate or start on the website.

Introductory Email for Sign Up – This short intro says something like “Thank you for signing up” after they subscribe. Statistics show the average email sign-up rate varies between 1.95% and 4.77%

Website Speed Improvements – Your site needs to be FAST to convert your customers. Statistics show a site that loads in 1 second has a conversion rate 3x higher than a site that loads in 5 seconds.

Refresh your assets – Design or edit a new campaign of graphics and videos to provide fresh content to your audience.

Above The Fold Refresh – This will help add a refreshed look to a home or landing page; if it does not perform better than the previous one, try changing it again in 30-60 days after you review the data.

Review Email – Create a simple, clean email graphic that has a link to your Google listing (or review source such as YELP). Statistics show that 76% of consumers will leave a review if asked nicely.

Optimize your remarketing – If you need help mid-funnel and pushing visitors to convert. You should leverage customer testimonials or the benefits of working with you to help convert more prospects.

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