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How to prepare a design file for print


Any project that will go to a printer has its own special requirements. From the way you actually create the design to getting it there on time to getting the file ready for print, error-free.


  • Is the resolution right for your printer?
  • Did you use vector images wherever possible?
  • Have you adjusted the color and brightness to look good for print?
  • Are images 90 to 150 percent of the actual print size at the proper resolution?
  • Are black and white images saved as grayscale?
  • Are images saved in CMYK mode?
  • Do you have the proper right to use the images?


  • Did you spell-check everything?
  • Did you double-check the spelling of names, logos, and brand marks?
  • Did you ensure that all special characters are correctly rendered?
  • Did you check all spacing to remove double spaces or line breaks?
  • Are all fonts linked to the design files?
  • Is black text saved as one-color black, if necessary?
  • Do you have the proper rights to use all typefaces in the project?


  • Have you packaged all files for the printer – text, fonts, images?
  • Did you remove extraneous text, fonts, and colors from the file?
  • Are all images and other design elements linking properly?
  • Is your file type what was requested by the printer?
  • Did you create a package file that includes all of your parts?
  • How should the file be delivered?
  • When should you expect proof?
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