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How To Write A Video Ad That People Will Watch

A good video ad is one that you will want to watch, even when you’ve got the option to skip it. For instance, how many times do you watch a video ad on YouTube till the end when you’ve got the ‘skip ad’ option? We’re pretty sure the answer is not very often. Only a few ads grab your attention, and that’s what a good video ad is – attention-grabbing!

Writing a video ad isn’t difficult, but writing one that people will want to watch is challenging. If you have to write a script for a video ad, and you want to be sure that your hard work won’t go to waste and you’ll get the viewership you so badly want, this blog post is just what you need.

Let’s have a look at how to write a video ad that people will watch!

Grab the Viewer’s Attention From the Start

To be honest, you’ve got 5 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. If you’re able to win a viewer in the first 5 seconds, you’ve won their time. The first and the most important factor to keep in mind when writing a video ad is to make your ad attention-grabbing and interesting from the very start. Don’t build up a story that gets interesting later – it’s very unlikely that your viewer will get that far.

Instead, make an ad that hooks the viewer from the beginning. You can start with a question you think the viewer would be interested in getting an answer to. If your video ad isn’t catchy from the start, the viewer may move forward, even if the content ahead is really good. Give your viewers a reason to stay tuned. # Create Targeted Content

Just because you think that the content of your ad is great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience will feel the same way. Always remember that you aren’t your target audience. Your video ad will only get the required viewership if your target audience watches it and likes it. So, another important thing that you need to keep in mind when writing a video ad that people will watch is to understand what your audience wants and then create targeted content. If the viewer feels like they’re being talked to, they’ll automatically want to sit through what you’ve got to say.

In fact, bring up a common pain point and then offer the users a way around it. Don’t offer them a ton load of information that they may not want to hear, but rather, bring a solution to a problem they may be facing. # Take Feedback and Revise Your Script

Don’t seal the first script you come up with. Create a draft of your video ad script and share it with the members of your team (if you’re working with a marketing team). Take their feedback and revise it accordingly. Get it reviewed again and again until you get a copy that answers questions and is engaging. Taking a second opinion from a trusted source is always a good idea, and it’ll only help you make a better video [email protected] # Create a Powerful Ending

Never end your video ad with an expected call-to-action. The ending of a video ad is as important as the beginning. Even if you manage to keep a viewer hooked till the end, a bad ending will only ruin the chances of the viewer turning into a potential customer. For example, if you’re making a video ad for an insurance company, instead of ending the ad with ‘give us a call,’ you can close it with a statement like ‘how well are you covered?’ Leave your audience with a point to ponder over.

Closing Word

Creating an impactful video ad is definitely not an easy task. It takes a lot of detailed thought and time to come up with the idea that will have the audience hooked from the beginning till the end. Taking inspiration from some of the best ads of the time can also be a great help! Now that you know how to write a video ad that people will watch, there’s nothing stopping you from creating engaging and interest ads.