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Video Production Is The Millennial Way Of Marketing

If you’re like me and you spend most of your time online, you will know that the Internet, or more specifically social media, has a ton of promotional, informational, or even funny videos of pets doing funny things. We live in a world where people are more attracted to videos than text when they visit a website. The average internet user spends 88 percent more time in a website watching videos. This means that companies want to grab the attention of customers by providing videos to market their products.


If you’re creative and not afraid to try something new when it comes to videos, understand the technology behind video production, or enjoy the process of taking raw video footage, this could be a great small business idea for you. Some considerations before going further are…


When it comes to video production, networking is key. You need to go out there and shake a lot of hands, meet up with a lot of potential clients face to face and introduce yourself because this is the only way to get your portfolio out there. A lot of production companies are stacked up on work and could always release some work your way. This is a common practice when starting early on. But don’t stop there, along the way create connections with clients and make them feel special. This could go a long way in your career as a videographer.


In this industry, it’s all about who you know and who will vouch for you. When it comes to video production the balls rolls down by word of mouth. This is where referrals come into play, if you have established a great relationship with all your clients and they’re happy with the work you have provided them with, ask them to provide a few words about their experience working with you. Being able to have this in your marketing website or social media is a huge start!


Well, this is a no brainer; If you really want to be successful in anything, you have to give it your best, right? Producing high quality product will get you high quality paid. Clients will choose you to work for them if they know that you work with professionalism and craftsmanship. Remember, this business is already saturated. In order to make great work, always communicate clearly with your client. Plan and develop accordingly, making your client happy is the ultimate goal.



If you like using your creativity on a daily for work, the benefits of starting a video production company include:- You can provide a variety of services such as producing, editing, adding special effects, digitizing etc.

  • You can always work from home or have a “on location” for clients and to complete editing projects.
  • Earning potential is very high once you become established.
  • You can partner up with photographers, party planners, marketing companies for increased business.
  • You can start off by using free software that’s available online and slowly start progressing to more professional options.


Some potential challenges you could face by starting a video production company include:- You need to purchase expensive equipment in order to produce high quality content.

  • Your video production skills need to be on point.
  • Video production is a saturated business, so you will need the right set of skills and creativity to stand out.
  • There could be significant liability if you film someone who doesn\’t sign a video release form.
  • Owning a video production is stressful, You will need to finish projects on a timely manner, and have everything ready to go.


If you have no interest in becoming a videographer but need to market your business on social media. Our team at Savage Global can create a unique eye-catching quality video that could be featured in all your social media platforms. Check out our YouTube channel for more information.