10 Steps to Building a High-Converting Landing Page

Not having a digital presence is almost a death sentence for businesses
these days, given that almost everyone is reaching out to their target
audience much more conveniently through digital platforms. One key
aspect of digital marketing is having a well-designed landing page for
your product. A good landing page can go a long way.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page in essence, but it is not the same as your
typical business website. Instead, it is a much more focused page to
call the audience to take a desired action (which is why it’s called a
"call to action"). These pages play an important role in [converting youraudience](https://www.savageglobalmarketing.com/web-development/10-tips-for-increasing-your-landing-page-conversion-rate/ “converting youraudience”) from simply being a lead to being your customer. Even if you
don’t manage to make a sale, there is a greater chance that you will get
the word out about your product.

Webpages have different goals and are useful once you have established
yourself among the audience. However, a landing page is much like a
flyer. It offers just enough information that your customers want to
know more. It does not bombard them with so much that they lose track,
nor does it have so little information that they aren’t able to make a
decision. More importantly, contrary to your website, it only focuses on
a particular thing.

For example, if you want to push a certain product, the best way to
market is to push it through the landing pages. Since it is focused, it
grasps the target viewer’s attention. Instead, if you were to share your
website, the audience will probably not get to the product even if they
are a prospect.

This is why having a good landing page is very important. If done right,
it has the power to drive traffic to your business and increase both
your sales and your leads.

Creating a High Converting Landing Page

Creating a landing page is not very complicated. Rather, there are
online resources that can help you build one in a matter of hours.
However, not being complicated does not mean that it does not require
effort. Building a landing page is not just about putting together a
template and placing information. A landing page needs to perfectly
cater to your audience. The following are the 10 steps that can help you
build a high converting landing page.


Much like any other marketing strategy, creating a landing page begins
with having a thorough insight into your target market. You cannot
expect to convert leads until you know what they are looking for. Having
researched your target audience, you can gather the right information to
put up on your landing page. Data obtained from research will help you
improve the customer experience or service you offer through the landing
page, which converts leads.

The First Impression: Headline

The headline of your landing page plays a crucial role in attracting
viewers. It is the first thing that a viewer will notice and will often
help them decide whether they are interested in the product or not.
Apart from garnering attention, it will play an imperative role in
generating a prospect’s interest in your product. If a headline is
poorly written and designed, no one’s going to want to click on the

When writing a headline, you should develop something that will evoke an
immediate interest in the audience. It is a hook or a bait for your
traffic. Along with being something that grasps attention, it is also
very important that your headline is concise and clear. It should be
able to convey what your product is while being as short as possible.


The next thing is a subheading that comes right after the main heading.
The heading and the subheading complement each other. They work together
to keep the viewer on the page. One thing to keep in mind is to add a
persuasive tone to the subheading.

Visual Aids

The visual element is the key to creating a powerful landing page. While
there are some only-text landing pages, they are not as effective as
those with pictures or short clips. It is important to note that you
cannot have lengthy videos on your landing pages. Your audience is
generally in a rush, and the chances are that they will get distracted
quite easily.

In such a scenario, having pictures on your landing page is the most
effective. You should note that the pictures should be clear and
prominent. They should not be random stock photos. They have to be
relevant to your product, or better yet, they should be images of your

Product Introduction

The product introduction on your landing page should be clear and
concise. It should be of a more explanatory tone and provide details
about your product. If the viewer has made it this far, now is your
chance to explain your product without losing the viewer.

Pain Points

Pain points are problems from your prospective audience’s point of view.
You need to remind the audience of their hassles and problems in order
to create a sense of empathy with them. It works in your favor and is a
key to having a human-centered approach.

Pain Relief

Once you have bonded with the audience through their pain points, you
now have to offer them a solution through your product. You need to
focus on the pain points you mentioned and answer all those points using
a reference to your product.


A guarantee adds value to your product, and people are more inclined
towards something that offers a guarantee. It is a much-needed
reassurance that people need when surfing through the internet. You must
come up with some sort of guarantee for your product.

Call to Action

The next and the most important thing on your landing page is the call
to action. Your call to action has to be exciting and persuasive at the
same time. Come up with something that motivates your audience to make a
decision then and there. All your content has paved the way for a call
to action, and it is the final push that any customer needs to buy your
product. As such, you need to make sure that you get it right.

Usually, a call to action comes with a button. While it is entirely
optional, people tend to go for buttons as opposed to text. Your call to
action must persuade them to press it right away.

Contact Information

Lastly, you must provide some sort of contact information about your
business. Mentioning your website and social media pages here is a plus
point. It adds authenticity to your business and develops trust. Your
business address and phone number also work in a similar fashion.
Furthermore, putting out contact information also lets you contact
potential customers who have a few queries before they become your
customer. You can cater to such prospects easily and convert them.

Having a live chat option with a representative is a much more powerful
tool. You can handle queries right then and there without any delays.


A lot of thought goes into the making of a landing page. Each step in
the process is crucial in its own domain. Missing out on any of these
steps can affect your conversion rate. In order for your landing page to
work in an organized manner, it is important that you pay attention to
the details.