10 Tips for Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

You want people who end up on your landing page to convert as quickly as possible, of course. What brand wouldn’t? Well, to bring up those conversion rates, you must work on your landing page to get the results you want to see. Here are some tips to help you bring up the conversion rates for your landing page.

1. Build Credibility Immediately

People are skeptical of almost everything on the internet now, and for a good reason, too. You must be wary of spam, as well as people who are trying to steal private data and misuse it.

Thus, to make sure that people trust your brand and your website, you must build your credibility immediately. If you do not, the user will close the page without even reading further, making you lose a potential lead. Place your company’s logo, name, and mission on the page and put it somewhere people will immediately notice it.

Include some testimonials at the front, so people know that yours is an original page, and the information they provide will be protected.

2. Get a Hold of Contact Information of Nonbuyers

Even if a person does not purchase from you, gathering their email addresses or contact information can help you retarget them later to convert them. For this purpose, you can use a pop-up screen, which opens to ask the user to fill in their information when they arrive on the site, or a pop-under, which appears when they leave your site. These methods are effective but are easily blocked too by pop-up blockers. To avoid that, you can utilize a floater, which is unaffected by ad blockers.

3. Use Lots of Testimonials

Scatter your landing page with testimonials. The more credibility you build, the more willingly people will provide you with their email addresses and information. The testimonials could either be in the form of videos or text. Testimonials are the easiest trick in the book to build credibility. Remember, your customers might not believe a brand, but they trust other customers.

4. Bullet Your Content

Bullet points are an excellent tool for any piece of content on the internet, especially with landing pages. The user will probably not spend time skimming through long blocks of text. If the benefits of signing up or purchasing from you are listed down for them in a bulleted list, they might be convinced. Bullets are far simpler to read and deliver their message more effectively.

5. Grab Attention with a Headline

Grab your visitor’s attention immediately with the headline. If the headline catches someone’s eye, they will be far more interested in reading what you have to offer and signing up with you.

6. Use a Creative Copy Style

Do something out of the box. You do not have to follow the herd. Do something different, something that sets your copy apart from your competitors and brings you more leads as a result. Most brands merely provide information but do nothing to engage with the audience. Be creative; it always pays off.

7. Play on Emotions

Your headline and introductory paragraph will make or break the deal with a potential lead. While users are looking for information about the brand and what it offers them, you do not connect to an audience that way. Using an emotional angle in your headlines or lead paragraph will surely capture their interest far more effectively. Invoke a reaction in them.

8. Solve the Reader’s Problem

The reader is there because they feel that the product or service you are offering will, in some way, bring value to their life. Recognize the reader’s problem because all businesses are selling ‘solutions’ to conceived issues in society.

9. Update Your Landing Page Frequently

The same old landing page cannot bring you new business. Keep up with the times and keep updating your landing page periodically to maintain a reader’s interest. Reflect on the current times, news, and happenings on your landing page so people can be assured that your product or service is still relevant and not outdated and impractical.

10. Add a Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee weighs significantly when someone is purchasing something from you. Just a little assurance that their money will not be going down the drain if the product does not work for them incites many to make the final decision to purchase. Emphasize the money-back guarantee to move potential customers who might have been hesitating.

With a good product and excellent customer service, these tips for increasing your landing page conversion rates will work like magic. Apply some or all of these and watch the leads pour in.