7 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is a Must

When it comes to outreach and customer connection, there are few ways better to communicate than to use mobile marketing. Mobile phones are everywhere; it seems like just about everyone has a smartphone. In fact, 68% of adults now own a smartphone. Time Magazine found that Americans, collectively, look at their phones eight billion times per day, with the average person checking it at least 46 times per day. These jaw-dropping statistics prove that in order to be successful at marketing, you need to incorporate some sort of mobile marketing into your platform.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Before discussing the seven reasons why mobile marketing is a must, you need to know exactly what it entails. Mobile marketing involves the creation of a marketing campaign targeted towards smartphone users: mobile apps, mobile-friendly sights, notifications that pop up on a mobile phone, social media outreach through apps available on smartphones, and basically any form of marketing that can be engaged with using a smartphone.

Below are seven reasons why mobile marketing is imperative for any business.

#1: Exposure

Because there are so many smartphone users (over one billion), this is inevitably going to increase your audience exposure if you involve yourself in mobile marketing. People look at their phones, download apps, and spend more time with their smartphones than at their laptops. This will provide your business with more of an audience-targeting opportunity.

#2: Ease-Of-Use

Smartphones are wider than laptops. If someone’s waiting for the subway or riding in an Uber and they need to look something up, they’re not going to pull out their laptop and look it up. Using a smartphone is far more convenient, and it provides answers in a microsecond. Capitalizing on this ease-of-use will help your marketing campaign.

#3: Engagement

When people are using their smartphones to look at apps and mobile-friendly sites, they are also engaging with your business more than they would if you had just a website. The website is important, as are other facets of online marketing, but this provides yet another avenue in which you can engage with customers.

#4: Cutting-Edge Technology

Mobile apps are cutting-edge, and your business having one shows that you are updated and aware of new innovations in technology. Not only are apps useful from a pragmatic standpoint, they also let customers know that you are on their level when it comes to the tech world. Seeming outdated is not a good look for a business, and keeping updated on mobile marketing strategies and utilizing them will keep you from seeming that way.

#5: Recommendations

People recommend things from one another. For example, 53% of people have recommended products or companies using Twitter. When people use social media, they are generally friending and talking to people they like and, to some extent, trust. This trust carries over into product recommendations, which are one of the most effective (and free) forms of marketing out there. Mobile marketing just provides another platform that allows these recommendations to take place.

#6: More Data

The key to any successful marketing campaign is quality data that will let you know your audience’s personal characteristics and understand how to target them. Using a mobile marketing platform will allow you to more successfully go about doing that. The more data, the better.

#7: Customer Service

Mobile marketing lets you communicate with customers rapidly. You’re not always going to be by a computer when you receive a message or question from a customer, and being able to interact with them over an app will make your life far more convenient.

Mobile marketing is a must for businesses that want to succeed in today’s advertising climate. The platforms that this form of marketing provide are innumerable, and you can’t neglect the opportunity to do so.