Sales Plummeting? You Need Online Marketing!

Every business runs into a rough point at some time or another, and every business has experience some sort of lull or decline in sales. What makes a business successful is how they respond to the decrease. Honestly evaluating your business and seeing where you could make improvements (as opposed to shifting the blame onto the customer) will help you achieve success. One way that businesses could improve their sales is by increasing their marketing campaign and expanding it to the internet. In this article, we will give you the reasons that online marketing could help increase your sales and pull your business out of the slump.

Facebook is an effective driver of website traffic.

Facebook is the most widely-used social media site in the world. It is the most visited, and there are over one billion users on the site. The networking social media site allows you to remain in touch with your friends and communicate with them at lightning-speed. Facebook is also an efficient driver of sales, with Facebook shares having the greatest influence on Google search rankings. When someone shares a post with a link, and their friend clicks on it, that is potential traffic for you. While Google+ and Facebook have come into conflict before, the relationship between the two of them proves that Facebook is an effective driver of website traffic, which can then lead to conversions for your business.

People trust one another.

People generally follow those that they consider themselves to be friends with, and those friends are trustworthy (for the most part). They also rely on one another for recommendations. For example, 53% of people recommend products using Twitter, and 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to purchase from brands that they follow online. Between the recommendations and the brand postings, social media exposes people to products, which lead to website traffic, which turn into conversions.

People love personalization.

It’s human nature to want to feel special, and the majority of people like to feel like customer service and ads are being targeted towards their particular needs and interests. The data that internet marketing provides allows for this personalization to happen, and a major obstacle that many marketers face is not being able to provide quality data in order to make this happen. If you have good data and a sharp internet marketing company, you will be able to get a feel for the interests, demographics, and personal characteristics of your current and/or target audience, allowing for you to structure your ads and marketing in a way that leads to more traffic and conversions.

You can respond more easily to customers through social media.

One thing that turns people away from a company is feeling as though they don’t matter. If someone calls your business’s customer service line with a question or problem, and they’re put on hold for an hour, that’s going to reflect poorly onto your business and, chances are, the customer will not return. Social media provides an easy opportunity for you to communicate with people with the click of a button, and the responses are lightning-fast. Facebook actually provides a feature that allows people to see how quick of a response time a business has to requests and questions that come through the format. The ease of communication with people reflects beneficially onto your company.

If your sales are plummeting, don’t be disheartened. That really means you need to try a new avenue that will shake things up and get your business back onto the right path. Internet marketing can provide that avenue.