How can a business talk about pooping and not become embarrassed? Well leave that to CEO Bobby Edwards. He had a vision of a way to market his product the “squatty potty” which is a life changing stool meant to adjust the angle you sit on a toilet so you can relax your muscles easier and go to the bathroom more efficiently. Sounds crazy, right? It isn’t. Its proven effective, shown on numerous TV shows, commercials, and has sold millions of Squatty Potty’s. Thanks to a video that was created. To create this video, he had to ignore the peoples feedback and the board members.

By ignoring the board members and creating the “pooping unicorn” video, Bobby brought in over 15 million in revenue during the holiday season of 2015 because of 3 main reasons.

  1. Pooping Made Friendly
  • Bobby created a video that was utilizing a rainbow baby unicorn that showed you in clear view what you would gain from using his stool. This stool is so simple, yet so effective and in this video, you learn how it can benefit your life, regardless of gender, weight, or size. The unicorn was an incredible idea for an animal in an ad on pooping because it’s something you can’t forget, especially with a rainbow mohawk. Besides the unicorn, the presenter is in an outfit you would see hundreds of years ago, as if you were being taking through history. As is all these years, we were doing it all wrong!
  1. The Million Dollar Joke
  • During the holiday season release of the video – millions of the purchasers were people buying it as a joke for another friend or family member. Which created a viral video, that in turn turned jokes into revenue. No company is going to be troubled due to their product being sold as a “gag gift” especially when selling pooping accessories. This so called “gag gift” ended up being majority of the sales in first quarter of the video being released. Imagine sending a Squatty Potty to your employee or family member with a message such as “Enjoy pooping” or even “Flow better”. Who would not laugh at such a gift?
  1. Poop Marketing
  • This product has been on the market since 2011, but in those 4 years before the video the company struggled trying to convey the message. Marketing for pooping is not common – nor will it ever be. Bobby took matters into his own hands and took pooping to a whole new level by bringing it to life with an imaginary character that created a story of your morning routine and why you should invest in one today. By the end of the video – your sold! Even if you weren’t sold, you shared the content with your friend and family.

In all the years of advertising and marketing, this has been one of the greatest marketing strategies anyone has ever taken. Secondly, it was rated the greatest viral ad in internet history by “The Webby Awards & Facebook”. Squatty Potty is current the largest provider of stools in the world and has sold over 30+ million. Without video marketing in the 21st century your products or service could struggle so always be creative and unique so you stand out from the crowd.