Interesting Findings about the Q3 Paid Search Landscape

On the whole, the growth of PPC has been somewhat flat this year, according to Adobe’s Digital Advertising Report. The total spend on CPC grew by about 6%, which isn’t close to the performance of this marketing strategy in 2013 and 2014. However, it wasn’t really the PPC spend and the combined growth that was interesting, it was the relative growth of Bing to Google that proved to be noteworthy.

Market Share  

When it comes down to market share for PPC, Google still dominates the sphere. It has about 71% of the market share, according to Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. On the other hand, Bing only has 21% of the share while Yahoo and other engines have the remaining 8%. One would think that Google has nothing to worry about.

But there are reports suggesting that Google’s market share in search is decreasing. The company saw an overall drop of around 4 points in its search volume, according to comScore. It almost seems like Google’s loss was Bing’s gain. Last year, Google had 67.6% of the search market share. This year, it has dropped to 63.8%. Bing on the other hand, has grown and the combined market share of Bing and Yahoo stands at 33.1%. Changes like this might affect PPC later on.

Situation in North America vs. the World

In the US, Google always seems to have a little edge over Bing. The region saw an overall growth of 13% in the expenditure on PPC. However, the CPC didn’t move or grow. Both Bing and Google saw about 19% growth in PPC spends in North America.

However, that’s definitely not the case worldwide. Bing PPC spend has grown by 17% across the globe while Google spending has grown by 11%. Last year, Bing’s spend on PPC was 39%, so the pace has decreased significantly. Nevertheless, in Europe, Bing saw a 19% growth, as opposed to 9% of Google. In Asia Pacific, the growth was 10% as opposed to Google’s 2%.

But Bing definitely has some edge over Google in the global market. This is mostly because Google is facing some trouble over to EU’s anti-trust scrutiny. As we said before, the market is looking very interesting and marketers will have to adjust their strategies accordingly.

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