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Building Better Brand Connectivity with Gen-Zs and Millennials

Finding connections online with other people and brands comes easily for the younger generations. For Gen-Zs and Millennials, personalized communication and digital connections are a must. Since they are responsible for 30% of the total retail sales in the United States, it is safe to say that they should be considered carefully for marketing campaigns.

Gen-Zs (18-24 years) and Millennials (25-38 years) are a crucial category to consider for marketing. The shifting landscapes in media and digital platforms show that Gen-Z and Millennials don’t react to an advertisement in the same way that baby boomers do. Younger generations prefer connecting with brands on online platforms. They expect brands to offer their customers tailored experiences and understand the values of the consumers.

Digital marketing is effective only if younger generations are able to experience a deeper connection with the brand.

Using the Right Channels

Using the right digital channels is an important step to building better brand connectivity with Gen-Zs and Millennials. In 2018, internet users younger than 35 years old spent 21.1 billion hours on the phone as compared to the 16 billion spent watching live TV. Gen-Zers spend four hours a day on their phones as compared to the 1.5 hours spent streaming or watching TV.

You should also consider which digital realm you are using. Facebook can play a significant role in the interaction a user has with the brand. Similarly, platforms like Instagram that are more visual-based are preferred Millennials and Gen-Zers. A lot of marketing is also taking place on Tik Tok since that is one of the most used platforms by the Gen-Z.

Brand Values

Staying true to the values of the brand and authenticity are most important when it comes to the younger generations. These traits will dictate how they feel about the brand as well as how the brand represents itself. Gen-Zs expect the brand to form an image that not only reflects their values but also contributes to society in some way. One way to build effective connections with the younger generation is by being open about what you stand for.

Personalized Branding Experience

Marketing techniques that are focused on customizing and personalizing the experience for Millennials and Gen-Zs are really effective. However, each generation differs in what they want. Millennials tend to prefer the direct interaction you get on the brand’s page, while Gen-Zs prefer custom support options through messaging.

How to Adapt As a Marketer

After learning these things about the younger generations, you should also look at the actionable steps you can take. Building better brand connectivity with Gen-Zs and Millennials is easier if you implement the things below:

  • Optimizing the platform’s strategy to focus on younger generations should be intentional. You should make sure you are present on channels where they are most likely to look for you.
  • Staying authentic offline and online to the brand and its values is extremely important. You should recognize that the brand’s personality also carries power. You can only make longer-lasting and stronger bonds with younger users if you are authentic.
  • A nuanced strategy that considers the need for personalized and sophisticated marketing experiences is vital. Different types of engagement, depending on what is most meaningful to your audience, can enhance your brand.

Building better brand connectivity with Gen-Zs and Millennials is easy if you consider their preferences every time you are outlining your marketing and advertising strategy.